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Lyrics ID3


Amarok Script

Score 79%
Lyrics ID3

Lyrics ID3

Lyrics ID3

Link:  http://
Minimum required   PyKDE/PyQt
Downloads:  4605
Submitted:  Nov 27 2006
Updated:  May 28 2012


Die deutsche Übersetzung der Skriptbeschreibung:



Available Languages
The script is available in:
- English
- German
- French
- Italian
- Czech
Read Lyrics from ID3
his is a lyrics script for Amarok. In contrast to many other lyrics scripts, it fetches the lyrics not from the Internet. It uses the possibility to store lyrics in the ID3 tag of mp3 files (USLT frame). So if there are lyrics stored in file and this script is running, Amarok will display the lyrics.
ID3v2 allows to store multiple lyrics in one file. They are separated by different language codes and/or comments. In this case the script let you choose between the different lyrics by a simple click.

Additionally there is a rudimentary support for Vorbis Comments and FLAC Comments. It is possible to specify a key value (the default is LYRICS). The first comment containg the keyword will be read out and displayed as lyrics in Amarok.

As for Ogg Vorbis there is a feature for reading lyrics in m4a (mp4 (AAC)).

Many lyrics contain characters, which are not in the range of ASCII. In order to handle these characters, you should use a appropriate standard out encoding, like UTF-8 or Latin1.

There is no configuration required by the script.

Save Lyrics to ID3
With this script you can save the lyrics of a song in the ID3v2.4 tag of a mp3-file. If you use a mp3-player which can read this tag (USLT frame in ID3), it will display the lyrics.
To store the lyrics, two options have to be specified: a three letter language code (ISO 839-2) and a comment or description of the lyrics. This script provide to modes on how to save the lyrics. These modes are Automatic Mode and Manual Mode. Additionally you can delete already stored lyrics.
All lyrics are stored in UTF-8, which require ID3v2.4. So all tags with versions 2.x will be updated to v2.4. If there is only a ID3v1.1 in the file, an additional tag will be created. If there is no tag at all, no lyrics will be stored.
Many lyrics contain characters, which are not in the range of ASCII. In order to handle these characters, you should use a appropriate standard out encoding, like UTF-8 or Latin1.

Automatic Mode
In this mode the lyrics are stored automatically. Every time Amarok starts a new song the scripts waits a specified time then it fetches the lyrics and stores them in the file. For a successful use of this mode, you have to configure some stuff. First of all you need the specify a language code and a description which will be used. Second you have to specify a waiting time. This represents the time between a track change and the start of the storing process. The amount of seconds is calculated by the song length divided by waitTime. Thus a bigger the value of waitTime leads to a shorter time between a track change and the storing process.
All these configurations can easily be done with the configuration dialog provided by the script. To use this, mark the script in the script manager in Amarok and click on configure (the script has to be in running mode).
If you to disable the Automatic Mode you can easily do this during the configuration process.

Manual Mode
- Saving Lyrics -
You can also save the lyrics manually. For this you can use the context menu entry: saveLyrics. The action is always based on the selcted songs in the playlist. If you click on saveLyrics, you will get a dialog where you can specify the language code, description and lyrics.
If there are already lyrics and the file, the dialog will show the language code and the description of the lyrics in the file. The displayed lyrics are always the ones, which Amarok displays in the context browser. To overwrite the lyrics just acknowledge the dialog. If you specify new options, the lyrics will be stored additionally except Change Comment is not checked. If this is checked, the lyrics will not be stored additionally. The lyrics will be stored with the same language key and a different comment. So the previous lyrics will be deleted in the file. If there are more than one lyrics with the selected language key in the file, just one will be overwritten.
- Deleting Lyrics -
This works like the saving process. If you use the context menu entry removeLyrics a dialog will show up. In this dialog you can specify the language code and the description of the lyrics which should be deleted.

  • Python 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 or 2.6
  • Python Mutagen (http://code.google.com/p/mutagen/)
  • pyhton-qt3
  • Python Minidom
  • Python urllib
  • kdialog

  • Warning
    The lyrics are stored in the mp3-File. I can not guaranty that the file is not damaged after the writing process.
    The file type is only verified by extension.

    Translators wanted
    I am looking for translators. So if you want to contribute, translate the script in your favorite language and send me the result. I will release your translation with the script.
    If you have experience with translation and gettext you can use messages.pot provided with the script. Otherwise you can contact me and I'll explain how to do the translation.

    Previous Versions
    Previous Versions of the script can be found at:

    Save Lyrics to ID3 Button
    By applying this patch to the Amarok source code you will get an additional button in the lyrics tab. By pressing this button you can save the lyrics directly into the mp3 file. This button avoids the inconvenient context menu approach.

    Feedback is appreciated and please report any bugs.

    Finally, thanks to every contributer!


    Version 1.8-beta
  • Bug fix in XML processing by madli *thanks*

  • Version 1.8-alpha (cs)
  • Czech translation from Pavel Fric *thanks*

  • Version 1.8-alpha
  • KApplication and kdialog is not needed anymore (-->Script should now work with newer versions of python and kde)
  • Removed automatic installer for python-mutagen

  • Version 1.7
  • corrected link in README to French translation
  • Italian translation and some spell checks from Marco Poletti *thanks!*

  • Version 1.6a
  • small bug fix version

  • Version 1.6
  • french translation by pgraber *thanks!*
  • set STD_ENCODING to ASCII as default

  • Version 1.5
  • some unicode fixes on notifiactions
  • disabled debug output by default

  • Version 1.4
  • new Icon
  • fixed character sets errors in mass tagging

  • Version 1.3
  • support for FLAC
  • configurable key name for FLAC/Vorbis
  • added Mass Tagging Feature
  • the action is now based on the selected songs in the playlist
  • Configuration Dialog

  • Version 1.2a
  • removed popup if no lyrics are found

  • Version 1.2
  • removed debug(lyrics)
  • reading support for m4a
  • using mutagen for Ogg Vorbis
  • Timer for Automatic Mode is stopped, if Amarok stops playing the song.

  • Version 1.1
  • started with translation (gettext)
  • If mutagen is not installed, the scripts tries to install it.
  • READMEs are in well formated XHTML
  • Automatic Mode can be disabled
  • changing comments is now possible
  • some structural changes in the code
  • very small bug fixes
  • all dialogs are now in front by default

  • Version 1.0
  • error message on wrong language code was always shown after configuring the script

  • Version 0.9
  • spec-file
  • better description of the script behaviour
  • politer messages
  • non-ASCII characters in comments are handled
  • small bug fixes

  • Version 0.8
  • exit gracefully on stop
  • automatic mode did not work

  • Version 0.7
  • removed dependency of dcop lib (which caused many problems for python2.5 users)
  • saving in vorbis is deactived by default, because I have no time to maintain this script

  • Version 0.6
  • many encoding fixes (thanks to aeternos)

  • Version 0.5
  • GUI for configuration
  • improved the dialog for saving the lyrics
  • you can now edit the lyrics before saving
  • better dialog for deleting the lyrics

  • Version 0.4
  • added non ISO language codes
  • waiting time is now configurable
  • (click on 'configure' to initialize your configuration-file)
  • new configure option: comment
  • cleaned up code

  • Version 0.3
  • removed pause option
  • small bug fixes

  • Version 0.3alpha
  • initial release with python-mutagen

  • LicenseGPL
    Source(Lyrics ID3 v1.8-beta)
    other(Previous Versions)
    other(Patch for "Save to ID3" button)
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     Thanks alot!!

     by zeltak on: Nov 28 2006
    Score 50%

    this is the best script ever!!!

    Thank you so much! ive been waiting for something like this for a long time in amarok!

    Great job


    Reply to this


     Big Thumbs Up

     by Freck on: Jan 1 2007
    Score 50%

    Thanx Soooooooooooooooo much. Awsome Script.

    This is the way it should be by default

    Reply to this


     encoding problem

     by aeternos on: Apr 24 2007
    Score 50%

    Your script is very great. But I think I already mentioned that on some older version. ;)

    There's only one problem:
    When I upgraded to this version I ran into an error because of some umlaut mark in ipc_functions.py on line 15.

    If I correct this it works just fine.
    I know this is a problem I got on my system with the encoding which I have to fix sometime. Maybe you can get rid of the umlauts in your scripts so this problem won't happen to anyone who doesn't know how to fix this or even the problem with the encoding on the system.

    Here's the error message I got when I try to start the script in Amarok:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/read_lyrics_from_id3/read_lyrics_from_id3.py", line 48, in <module>
    from ipc_functions import showLyricsIPC, pathIPC, popupMessageIPC, shortStatusMessageIPC, titleIPC, artistIPC
    File "~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/read_lyrics_from_id3/ipc_functions.py", line 15
    SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xef' in file ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/read_lyrics_from_id3/ipc_functions.py on line 15, but no encoding declared; see http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details

    Since I upgraded to Feisty I got a lot of those problems and I get questionmark-signs instead of the expected character. But never mind that. Just for the record... ;)

    Reply to this


     Re: encoding problem

     by stifi on: Apr 24 2007
    Score 50%

    ... just a few seconds before I wanted to update the script.

    Thanks for the bug report. I corrected the problem in the new Version.
    Feel free to report any other problems and I'll try to improve the scripts.

    I also changed my "whole" system from latin1 to utf-8, so I am very familiar with these question marks ;).

    Reply to this


     lyrics can't be read

     by aeternos on: Apr 24 2007
    Score 50%

    I don't know why, but it doesn't work for me anymore. I'm storing my lyrics via kid3 into the mp3 files. All lyrics which are already stored in the database (MySQL) are working. But if I want to get the lyrics from new files it just gives me the message that it fetches the lyrics and nothing else happens. The same goes for files which work (because the lyrics are already in the database) when I hit the refresh button. I haven't changed the method of storing the lyrics or something else. All lyrics are in utf-8 - but that wasn't a problem until now.
    Maybe it got something to do with the update to Kubuntu Feisty?

    Reply to this


     Re: lyrics can't be read

     by stifi on: Apr 24 2007
    Score 50%

    There were (are?) many unicode problems in the script, which should be fixed now with version 0.6. If you encounter still problems, you can send me the output log by E-Mail if you want. Thanks for your efforts.

    In case you do not know how to get the output log:
    - start the Amaroks Scripts Manager
    - right click on a running script and choose "show output log"

    Reply to this


     ID3v2.3 vs v2.4

     by v6lur on: May 8 2007
    Score 50%

    On songs with ID3v2.3 (or even only with ID3v1.1 and no v2 at all) - would using this script "break" them, as it writes USLT frame in Unicode (supported since ID3v2.4)?

    ...more or less.
    Reply to this


     Re: ID3v2.3 vs v2.4

     by stifi on: May 8 2007
    Score 50%

    All ID3v2.x Tags will be updated to ID3v2.4. If there is only a ID3v1.1 tag, this will be preserved and an additional ID3v2.4 tag will be created.

    Reply to this


     Re: ID3v2.3 vs v2.4

     by v6lur on: May 8 2007
    Score 50%

    I see, thanks for reply and also for a great script, then :)

    ...more or less.
    Reply to this


     language code

     by cagnulein on: May 18 2007
    Score 50%

    I can't choose a language code different from und...every time a choose a code (i've tried eng, ita) it says that is a wrong language code and it returns to und..

    Any help?
    Thanks in advance

    Reply to this


     Re: language code

     by stifi on: May 19 2007
    Score 50%

    Sorry, that is a bug. Try changing line number 147 from:
    if self.confVarLngCode not in LNG_CODES:
    if unicode(self.confVarLngCode) not in LNG_CODES:

    If this won't work, you can open the lyrics_id3.conf in an editor of your
    choice and edit the line:
    language-code = und
    to your needs. The file should be located in

    hth Stefan

    Reply to this


     Re: Re: language code

     by cagnulein on: May 20 2007
    Score 50%

    thanks, it works :)

    Reply to this

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