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KDE Kommander Script

Score 87%



Link:  http://
Downloads:  41983
Submitted:  Jan 6 2007
Updated:  Oct 25 2007


opensuse-xgl-settings will not be updated for openSUSE 11.0 since it's obsoleted by tools included in the distro

A simple gui for openSUSE 10.3 KDE-users, for:
  • Enabling desktop effects with Xgl / Compiz
  • Selecting Compiz plugins (including wobbly windows)
  • Installing and enabling Compiz Fusion with Xgl or Nvidia-glx.
  • Install 3D drivers

  • How to install
    1) Download the RPM

    2) Right click it in konqueror -> Open with Install Software

    opensuse-xgl-settings depends on kommander-runtime

    opensuse-xgl-settings is now also available on this openSUSE Build Service repository:

    How to run it
    Start it from your menu: System -> Configuration -> opensuse-xgl-settings

    or run the command: opensuse-xgl-settings

    It's assumed that you have a graphics card that supports XGL with the proper driver installed.

    Bug reports and feature requests
  • Write comments below
  • Write to suse [at] linuxin.dk
  • Contact cb400f in #opensuse-kde@irc.freenode.net

  • Troubleshooting
    All problems following use of opensuse-xgl-settings should be easily solved by simply disabling XGL, by running this command as root:

    gnome-xgl-switch --disable-xgl
    (or 'nvidia-xconfig --no-composite' when using nvidia-glx)

    And run this command as normal user:

    touch ~/.config/compiz/disable-compiz

    I have received very valuable contributions from:
    Beineri, tsuroeruso, froksen, apokryphos, raddy, bjerrk, cyberorg


  • Updated to work with latest Compiz Fusion startup scripts
  • Added support for nvidia-glx
  • Added support for installing 3D-drivers (KMPs)
  • Some UI polish
  • (Much of it contributed by cyberorg)

  • The first release for openSUSE 10.3

  • LicenseGPL
    SUSE(opensuse-xgl-settings 10.3 RPM)
    (opensuse-xgl-settings *.kmdr ("sources"))
    (opensuse-xgl-settings 10.2 (unmaintained))
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     by psdekloe on: Jan 9 2007
    Score 50%

    That's better than those unnecessary "gnome" commandline utils.

    Could you also post a source RPM (since it is GPL)?

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     Re: Nice

     by cb400f on: Jan 9 2007
    Score 50%

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Wrt. source, kommander-scripts are not binary. The *.kmdr, is basically an xml-file, that's parsed by kmdr-executor.

    Try opening /opt/kde3/share/xgl/xgl.kmdr with kommander-editor or a text editor.

    However I'll look into providing a tarball.

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     by rebe on: Jan 11 2007
    Score 50%

    Fiinally compiz works on my computer and I always thought that my ati graphic card is too old for it.

    Is it possible to make a quick change for the window decoration themes and put it in the applet? As I am not used to work with compiz I don't know haow to change them anyway.I would be thankful for helping me changing the themes at all. And I think I'm not the only one.

    Best regards Rene

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     by psch on: Jan 12 2007
    Score 50%

    this tool works great
    However, how to I add an Skydome background ?

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     Very Nice!

     by zenarcher on: Jan 20 2007
    Score 50%

    This is a great help with KDE and XGL. I really appreciate it! An applet would be very nice, if possible, in the future.

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     by scummos on: Feb 5 2007
    Score 50%

    is it also aviveble for 10.1?
    or can i ignore that?

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     Re: 10.1?

     by cb400f on: Feb 5 2007
    Score 50%

    Nah, 10.2 only, sorry.. it relies on an openSUSE 10.2-specific kde-base patch.

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     by jscm on: Feb 7 2007
    Score 50%

    I use your application to start xgl in my suse 10.2 and a I've tested compiz and beryl with it. I use KDE.

    I think that there is not enough settings to change for compiz customization. There is only text file, that is ok, but it's better if you make more settings OR if your software let us use (gconf) Gnome Personal Settings or Gnome Configuration Editor into KDE.

    I've found out that if I start xgl by opensuse-xgl-setting with compiz every compiz change with all Gnome settings tools haven't effect. BUT if I start xgl changing sysconfig/displaymanage (DISPLAYMANAGER_XSERVER="Xgl") I can use Gnome Configuration tools and Every change is visible. I have used Gnome Tools into KDE.

    So, have you any solution at this situation?

    Thanks a lot for your tools... is really friendly.



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     Re: Compiz

     by cb400f on: Feb 7 2007
    Score 50%

    hmm.. some good points.

    My proposed solution would be to use Beryl instead, if default compiz-settings are not satisfactory.

    Another solution would be to load the gconf compiz-plugin.. I might actually have left it out of the list in the text file, prolly something I should look into changing..

    I'm afraid there's no way for me to offer proper configuration compiz+plugins.. other than gconf.

    I'll think about it.. and maybe add functionality to install and run gconf.

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