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KDE Kommander Script

Score 84%



Link:  Link
Downloads:  5872
Submitted:  Jan 15 2007
Updated:  Apr 18 2007


KPops Converter is a complete converter wizard tool for transfer your PSX games to your PSP with
3.02 OE-B, 3.03 OE-* or newer firmware by Dark_Alex.
It's based on Pops Converter by aeolusc & moon (thanks for your screenshot),
in KDVDAuthorWizard (installer and program structure), in my PSX2PSP script and now
in popstation Mod by Coldbird (copstation).
With this tool you can make an image of your PSX discs, with progress bars.

Detect automatically the GameCode from cd-image and you can modify if you don't like.
You can enter TitleGame and gamecode for Game and Saves.

You can select personal images for the game, icon, screen's background and boot image (recommended)
The program loads automatically existing pictures in the folder if you open a cd-image.
The program includes a graphical tool for generates an image with title and
gamecode data automatically, with personal fonts, colors and images. Included
preview for all pictures.

Included PDF/PS to DOCUMENT.DAT function, you can make a manual for the PSX game
from a pdf file or, too, from a directory contains the images for the manual, the images can
be in any ImageMagick's format and in any resolution or size, the program adjust them.

You can configure the compression of PBP from program and can fix pal games, for finish,
program save the game in one folder with the gamecode name.

kdialog (KDE)
ImageMagick (convert)
PdfToolKit (pdftoppm)
popstation mod by Coldbird (source code included, modified by me and install automatically)
docmaker (source code included and install automatically if you dont have it)
paladin pal2ntsc converter (source code included and install automatically if you dont have it)

NOW NO REQUIRES PSP-PSX Hot Shots Golf 2 provided by Sony. (thanks to Coldbird)

You can use de Installer.kdmr for a correct installation.
The Installer.kmdr make executables, copy necessary files in a correct
place and creates a Desktop file in your Media menu.

If you don't like, create copstation, docmaker and paladin2ntsc from sources, copy in someplace in your
PATH and execute directly.


- Fix bug in Make DOCUMENT.DAT function (now works in $TMPDIR)
- Now Make DOCUMENT.DAT function only requires PSX game code

- Added function for multidisc ICON0 creation
- Modified save folder name
- Now Transfer function no depends on KDE
- Fix one bug in background selection for PIC0

- New compact and clean gui, for better resolution
- Fix bug in icon video selection (thanks jonny84)
- Fix a bug in installer script
- Added ISO.TOC creation for included in final EBOOT
- Added uninstall script

- Improved gui with layers
- Language corrections
- No more language selection, now script catchs it from $LANG value

- Now not is necessary Hot Shots Golf 2 BASE.PBP
- Added option for firmware selector
- Added function for Custom Boot Screen
- Modified code for functions in psx2psp script
- Added support for copstation and new functions (not included iso extraction)
- Improved installer.sh script


- Removed unnecessary while bucles in script for files and folders selectors
- Improved language translations
- Improved Search Game code progress bar
- Fix bug in Transfer game


- Support for PAL2NTSC conversion (thanks paladin)
- Fix cath title if filename contains "." (points)


- Support for 3.03 OE-C
- Add Eject button for CD/DVD-ROM
- Add DATA.PSP in shared application forder for EBOOT creation


- Fix selection name for save PSX cd-image, now add ".bin" if not set
- Added font size selector for personal fonts and colors tab
- Fix set default fonts if you deselect Custom fonts
- PIC0 auto-generates if you select new font


- Loads ICON1.SMF and SND0.AT3 from output folder if exist
- Remove inecessary kdialog calls
- GUI improvement
- Now you can transfer the game to your mount PSP
- Available in English, Spanish and Catalan languages
- New filter for picture resizes


- Fix cdrdao control progress
- Fix creation of PIC0 if Game title contains one "'", now replaced with "`" automatically
- Fix Search Game Code if PSX Game is multidisc
- Rewrited language files
- Selection of language file afects script and GUI, now the GUI is in your language
- Other corrections

other(KPOPS Wizard 2.2)
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 Version 3.02 OE A

 by maes3 on: Feb 4 2007
Score 50%

Hello Ivan, thnxs for yours efforts.
I've got a question.

I have installed in my PSP Dark_Alex's 3.02 OE A firmware, and I have converted a PSX game with your app without using compression, but the game don't work. I thought that the difference between PSX games for PSP made for 3.02 and 3.03 was the compression, so I disabled it. Would you mind to explain me if I can use your app with my 3.02 firm?
Thank you very much.

PD: Sorry with my bad english (I'm spanish).

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 Re: Version 3.02 OE

 by Ivanvega on: Feb 4 2007
Score 50%

I'm spanish too...but this place says All text must be in English.(que le vamos a hacer)

Sorry but this version only works with the 3.03 OE-C because the program creates a non encrypted EBOOT.PBP whitout KEYS.BIN and I'm not added firmware selector, sorry.

If would you like, you can modify the script for your 3.02 OE firmware so:
- Open the file psx2psp.sh with kwrite or similar, at line 372 you can see

cp -u "$datapsp" "$OUT"

now comment this line like this

#cp -u "$datapsp" "$OUT"

Save this file and install it

Now you can create the uncompressed and encrypted EBOOT.PBP for your firmware.
IMPORTANT: You must copy Hot Shots Golf 2 KEYS.BIN in the same folder of the game manually (in the same place of EBOOT.PBP)

PD: You can tell me if this solution works, thanks. I have 3.03 OE-C firmware in my PSP

Ivanvega 2k7
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 Re: Re: Version 3.02

 by maes3 on: Feb 4 2007
Score 50%

Dear Ivan, thank you very much for answering me so quickly.
I've tried what you wrote me before, the KPOP reach 100% conversion, so I transfer it to the PSP. When I go Game->MS, the image and icon I put in KPOP appears correctly, but when I hit X, after a screen which shows a message, my PSP show me an error:
Imposible iniciar el juego (80000004)
I'll surf the inet looking for this error instead.
Thank you very much.
PD: If you think I could help you in whatever, don't hesitate to add me to msn. Un saludo.

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 Re: Re: Version 3.02

 by maes3 on: Feb 4 2007
Score 50%

Hello again.

I did every thing you told me before, but the PSP show me an error when loading the game:

No se puede iniciar el juego (80000004)

So I have been reading some forums and I found that this happens because I had 3.02 OE A. I don't want to upgrade to 3.03 OE C because I've read in some forums that there are problems loading ISOS and CSOS, and my 3.02 OE A works fine with them so I don't wanted to have problems with the instalation of the new firmware and get a brick.

Well, so I read that if I upgrade to 3.02 OE B The problem would be corrected, and this upgrade don't write the whole PSP's flash, it modifies only a few files, so I decided to upgrade to this version.

Once upgraded to 3.02 OE B I load the game but I get a different error, after showing me a message about using psp the screen keeps black, so I have to press HOME. When I press HOME, the screen shows me the menu of PSX games, you know, scale screen, etc, and I go to Exit game and the PSP come back to XMB.

What do you think it could happen?

Thank you very much.

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 Re: Re: Re: Version

 by Ivanvega on: Feb 4 2007
Score 50%

What game you try to load?
One problem is the compatibility of different games with POPS.

For example my Japanese Omega Boost (SCPS10020) no loads, black screen, like yours commends.
Silent Bomber PAL (SLES02992) the game comes to black screen at the finish of level 12, Japanese version works perfect.

The 3.03 OE-C loads any CSO PSP image better than 3.02, and loads more quickly the XMB, sure, tested with more than 10 games. I recommended this firmware update.

My msn is ivanvegaRR@hotmail.com
See you

Ivanvega 2k7
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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Vers

 by Ivanvega on: Feb 5 2007
Score 50%

Sorry Omega Boost SCPS10020 works very fine in my PSP system.
In 3.03 OE-C and now in the new 3.10 OE-A firmware!!!

Dark_Alex is the master

Ivanvega 2k7
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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Vers

 by maes3 on: Feb 5 2007
Score 50%

I saw it yestarday, 3.10 OE, it´s incredible. Dark_Alex is the best.

Well, I'm trying to convert Quake 2 (I love this game) and I've reading compatibility lists and it's appears in them.

I've thinking about changing the binary of popstation which comes with your package with the version prepared for 3.02, which I downloaded yesterday night from EOL.

I'll probably upgrade my PSP to 3.10, but I'll wait until this version were more tested because I've been reading that it could be a little less stable than OE's earlier versions.

Did you already upgrade to 3.10?

PD: If you don't mind, I'll add you to my msn, because I'll like to help you if you want. I don't have big knowledge about programming but I learn quick ;)

Thank you very much.

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 last ver. problems

 by jonny84 on: Mar 3 2007
Score 50%

Your last version don't run well.
Much buttons don't have text and the window is to long and i can't scroll it to the bottom,i have a wide screen :P
I doesn't installed it but i use it directly from the kmdr main file,that is in the bin directory.
I use kommander 1.2.1 and ubuntu.

I'm sorry for my english but i'm italian

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 Re: last ver. proble

 by Ivanvega on: Mar 6 2007
Score 50%

Thank you. I have an error in language catch function (solved)

The problem with the window size i don't know how to solve it, i'll made new gui probably. What monitor resolution you have? Try to increase your monitor resolution, sorry.

Ivanvega 2k7
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 Re: Re: last ver. pr

 by jonny84 on: Mar 7 2007
Score 50%

My screen resolution is 1280x800,i can't increase it.
In the 1.5 version it entered perfectly in my screen.
In you next version can you put a custimizer also for the ICON0,for exaple an images for multiple disk?
Very good job ;)

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 Re: Re: Re: last ver

 by Ivanvega on: Mar 7 2007
Score 50%

Your monitor resolution is good, the problem is the kommander layers, i can't put all functions in one smaller window, so, i'm working in new version like wizard program with more than one form.

For multidisc games you can put every disc image in diferents folders and set icon0 and other pictures for each disc, but i recommended to use the same icon0 for all disc and only modify the Game title. Ex: Final Fantasy VII - CD1, Final Fantasy VII - CD2, etc. And remember to set the same gamecode for all discs (for gamesaves)

Thanks for your comments, are useful.

Ivanvega 2k7
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 by jonny84 on: Mar 10 2007
Score 50%

The ICON1 that i find in internet are .pmf,not .smf as you program.
What can i do to use a file .pmf too,i must rename my file .pmf in .smf or i give to kpops the file .pmf without renaming?

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 Re: ICON1

 by Ivanvega on: Mar 11 2007
Score 50%

Select the *.pmf changing the open dialog's filter to *, kpops renames the file automatically. But i don't tested this files with copstation, i don't know if works.

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 Re: Re: ICON1

 by jonny84 on: Mar 11 2007
Score 50%

I resolved by putting the file ICON1.PMF (all in capslock) in the same directory of the iso and the copstation keep it automaticaly.
if you want to test download this:
Is the ICON1.PMF of FFVII.
If i give the ICON1.PMF in the ICON1.SMF dialog it doesn't function.
Another thing:can you make the possibility to make a DOCUMENT.DAT without converting the ISO file first?
Thanks ;)

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 by jonny84 on: Mar 27 2007
Score 50%

The 2.0 version is very nice,but you can make it better:
1)Can you make the possibility to make a DOCUMENT.DAT without giving the img file first,and to make it also available by png file?
2)Can you make the possibility to extract a img file from the EBOOT?
3)The "Transfer Game" button doesn't function in my pc.It depends that i use Gnome instead Kde?

Thanks...Very Good Job.Bye ;)

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 Re: 2.0

 by Ivanvega on: Mar 28 2007
Score 50%

Thank you very much.
1) The DOCUMENT.DAT function depends on GameCode and this is inside the img file.
2) The problem with extract the ISO is that the extract function of copstation doesn't work in my SuSE system. I'll try to compile in my other fedora computer and work in this function.
3)Your problem is that the transfer function uses the kde server for copy the files and this is not active in Gnome, but i'll work in general solution.

Thanks for your testing

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 Re: Re: 2.0

 by jonny84 on: Mar 28 2007
Score 50%

1) To make it i use this app:
and it doesn't require the img file,but only the ID game.
2) The function doesn't run also in the program in the point 1)
3) It's not important,i drag it manually.

I'm honored to be your tester :P

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 OT: emerald theme

 by trevi55 on: Apr 13 2007
Score 50%

Excuse me for the OT, but wich is the emerald theme you're using?
I really like it :)


Treviño's Blog - Life and Linux
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 Re: OT: emerald them

 by Ivanvega on: Apr 15 2007
Score 50%

It's based in StateHorn_Blue Official Beryl Theme but with some custom options.

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 by jonny84 on: Jun 4 2007
Score 50%

Hi,it passed much time after my last question to you (first i must had to finish FFVII :P)
Yesterday i tried to make a document.dat froma a PDF file,but the program after the creation of the png files doesn't create the document.dat file,but it erases all the pictures.

Thanks ;)

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