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KDE Text Editor

Score 86%


Link:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 3.x
Downloads:  11015
Submitted:  Jan 18 2007
Updated:  May 2 2007


Complete editing of pdf documents is easy with PDFedit. You can change either raw pdf objects (for advanced users) or use predefined gui functions. For any support please follow steps at http://sourceforge.net/support/getsupport.php?group_id=177354


* german translation (thanks to Andreas Mantke)
* minor gui enhancements (added some missing tooltips...)
* bugfixes

* Cygwin version
* russian translation
* speed ups
* bugfixes
* installation bugfixes

* Bugfixes

* 64bit compilability fix
* Fixed bug with units precision, 1234pt showing up as 1.23e+3pt
* Console scripts bug fixed (not running scripts from current directory)
* Added QSPdf.save() function
* Spanish translation added

+ page rotation, text extraction,
+ simple drawing, lines, rectangles, layer control
+ revision control
+ text operations, highlight, strike through, delete, simple add, moving, color changing
+ simple pdf to xml support
+ everything based on QSA scripting language
+ access to raw pdf objects

Special devel features:
+ pdf to whatever format support

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 Doesn't see bost lib

 by Xaleandr on: Jan 21 2007
Score 50%


I tried to install pdfedit.
I installed the boost libaries [http://boost.org ], but somewhy pdf edit doesn't see them :
I get "You need boost libraries ..." message

[I checked that there ARE libboost_... libraries in /usr/local/lib ]

What could be the reason ???

Thanks in advance,

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 Re: Doesn't see bost lib

 by g2rp on: Jan 22 2007
Score 50%

maybe because you have to install the boost developement, in ferdora its boost-dev. It happened to me too, i hope it'll help you

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 Re: Doesn't see

 by Xaleandr on: Jan 22 2007
Score 50%

Thanks a lot !

The problem was really due to the absence of boost-dev

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 Re: Re: Doesn't see

 by ffelix on: Jan 26 2007
Score 50%

I am suffering the same problem. I downloaded the latest version of the boost libs and compiled it (it took forever). Everything is installed as it should be. Nevertheless the compilation of pdfedit ist not possible due to the error pointed out before. Is there any way to prescribe the search path?

This problem occured when trying to install pdfedit on my private computer running Kubuntu Hoary (I do not see any use in upgrading since it is pretty much customized). I then attempted an installation on a Fedora Core 6 system which did not lead to full success so far. In particular, I get the following error when trying to compile:

QOutputDevPixmap.cpp: In constructor »QOutputDevPixmap::QOutputDevPixmap(Guchar*)«:
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp:39: Fehler: Aufruf des überladenen »QImage(int)« ist mehrdeutig
/usr/include/QtGui/qimage.h:104: Anmerkung: Kandidaten sind: QImage::QImage(const char*, const char*)
/usr/include/QtGui/qimage.h:102: Anmerkung: QImage::QImage(const QString&, const char*)
/usr/include/QtGui/qimage.h:100: Anmerkung: QImage::QImage(const char* const*)
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp: In member function »virtual void QOutputDevPixmap::endPage()«:
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp:62: Fehler: »class QImage« hat kein Element namens »reset«
QOutputDevPixmap.cpp:78: Fehler: »IgnoreEndian« ist kein Element von »QImage«

(Sorry for the german error messages, our SysAdmin is responsible for the crappy setup and theres unfortunately nothing I can do about this.)

Can anyone give me a hint how to install the programm without running into this much trouble? Are there any packages (either deb rpm or whatever) available somewhere?



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 Re: Re: Re: Doesn't see

 by bedahr on: Jan 26 2007
Score 50%

Same here @ Gentoo...

Any solution to this?


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 Re: Re: Re: Doesn't see

 by ahorseman on: Jan 31 2007
Score 50%
University of Lancaster

The problem is that, by default, the boost headers are installed in /usr/local/include/boost-?_??_?/boost and the pdfedit configure expects them to be in /usr/local/include/boost.
A simple symbolic link gets around the problem.

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 Re: Doesn't see bost lib

 by BorgQueen on: Feb 7 2007
Score 50%

HI same problem but I do have the devel packages installed. Any ideas why it would fail to see this? Latest version of boost btw.

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 compile fails on x86

 by nbecker on: Jan 23 2007
Score 50%

g++ -c -pipe -DQT_CLEAN_NAMESPACE -g -Wall -W -g -O0 -DQT_SHARED -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/mkspecs/default -I. -I../qsa/src/qsa -I.. -I../utils -I../xpdf -I../xpdf/xpdf -I../xpdf/goo -I../kernel -I../kpdf-kde-3.3.2 -I../xpdf/splash -I/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include -I.ui/ -I.moc/ -o .obj/basegui.o basegui.cc
../utils/observer.h: In instantiation of ‘observer::ObserverHandler’:
../kernel/iproperty.h:134: instantiated from here
../utils/observer.h:529: warning: ‘observer::ObserverHandler’ has a field ‘observer::ObserverHandler::observers’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace
../utils/observer.h: In instantiation of ‘observer::ObserverHandler’:
../kernel/ccontentstream.h:82: instantiated from here
../utils/observer.h:529: warning: ‘observer::ObserverHandler’ has a field ‘observer::ObserverHandler::observers’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace
../utils/observer.h: In instantiation of ‘observer::ObserverHandler’:
../kernel/cannotation.h:344: instantiated from here
../utils/observer.h:529: warning: ‘observer::ObserverHandler’ has a field ‘observer::ObserverHandler::observers’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace
../utils/observer.h: In instantiation of ‘observer::ObserverHandler’:
../kernel/cpage.h:312: instantiated from here
../utils/observer.h:529: warning: ‘observer::ObserverHandler’ has a field ‘observer::ObserverHandler::observers’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace
../utils/observer.h: In instantiation of ‘observer::ObserverHandler’:
../kernel/pdfwriter.h:281: instantiated from here
../utils/observer.h:529: warning: ‘observer::ObserverHandler’ has a field ‘observer::ObserverHandler::observers’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace
basegui.cc: In member function ‘QVariant gui::BaseGUI::selectPagesDialog(const QString&) const’:
basegui.cc:530: error: conversion from ‘long unsigned int’ to ‘const QVariant’ is ambiguous
/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include/qvariant.h:169: note: candidates are: QVariant::QVariant(double)
/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include/qvariant.h:166: note: QVariant::QVariant(Q_ULLONG)
/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include/qvariant.h:165: note: QVariant::QVariant(Q_LLONG)
/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include/qvariant.h:164: note: QVariant::QVariant(uint)
/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include/qvariant.h:163: note: QVariant::QVariant(int)
/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/include/qvariant.h:131: note: QVariant::QVariant(const char*)
make[2]: *** [.obj/basegui.o] Error 1

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 Re: compile fails on

 by misuj1am on: Jan 26 2007
Score 50%

please try this patch

03:18:25.000000000 +0100
/** @file
GUI Base - class containing extra functionalyty presen only in GUI
@author Martin Petricek

@@ -523,11 +523,11 @@
// Starts dialog as modal and do something if OK is pressed
if(QDialog::Accepted == dialog->exec())
// Get result and craete QVariant from it using QValueList
StdItems stditems;
dialog->getResult (stditems);
for (StdItems::iterator it = stditems.begin(); it != stditems.end(); ++it)
- qitems.append ((uint)*it);
+ qitems.append (*it);
qvitems = QVariant(qitems);
// Cleanup

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 by pfeifle on: Jan 26 2007
Score 50%
Infotec Deutschland GmbH

klik://pdfedit is now defaulting to the new version 0.2.3 (See also: http://pdfedit.klik.atekon.de/ )

If you have the klik client installed, just click on this link: klik://pdfedit

To install the klik client, run this command (as user!, not as root) in a konsole or an "[alt]+[f2]" mini-cli:

   wget klik.atekon.de/client/install -O -|sh

If you don't know what klik is: see http://klik.atekon.de/wiki/index.php/What_is_klik
If you have more questions: see http://klik.atekon.de/wiki/index.php/User%27s_FAQ
If you want to see the user comments about klik+pdfedit: http://pdfedit.klik.atekon.de/comments/


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 Slow on Kubuntu

 by sorush on: Jan 27 2007
Score 50%

I get a lot of slow responses on journals downloaded from the internet.
Don't know why but might be able to find out later. I used this package.
for the kubuntu edgy 6.10

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 0.2.4 qt3 and qt4

 by anli on: Jan 28 2007
Score 50%

Have tried 0.2.4 with these env

QTDIR=/usr/qt/3/ QMAKESPEC="/usr/qt/3/mkspecs/linux-g++"

and have got the same error - 'src/kpdf-kde-3.3.2' dir still doesn't see qt3 :-(

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 qt3/qt4 SOLVED

 by anli on: Jan 28 2007
Score 50%

... this way:

PATH=/usr/qt/3/bin:$PATH; QTDIR=/usr/qt/3/; QMAKESPEC="/usr/qt/3/mkspecs/linux-g++"; ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

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 Re: qt3/qt4 SOLVED

 by davepb on: Jan 30 2007
Score 50%


I've been looking around for weeks for this fix. It's a pity they don't state this on their website!


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 by collinm on: Jan 30 2007
Score 50%

when i buil i get

/usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.1.2/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lqt-mt
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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