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KDE Education

Score 81%



Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  12011
Submitted:  Mar 26 2007
Updated:  May 3 2015


Semantik - a mindmapping-like tool for document generation (reports, thesis, etc).

The requirements are:

KDE4 >= 4.8
Python >= 2.3 && Python < 3.0

KDE4 development packages (kdebase-devel)
Python2 development package
The program kde4-config in the PATH

Some systems may require special compilation options such as:
PYTHON=python2 PYTHON_VERSION=2.7 waf configure build


Semantik 0.9.4
* Resize class elements
* Remember window settings in semantik-d
* A few fixes on the linear view

Semantik 0.9.3
* Generated HTML documents no longer reference pdf files
* Save Semantik diagrams on exit
* Minor changes in pdflatex documents
* New class element in diagrams
* Zoom improvements

Semantik 0.9.2
* New diagram items: matrix, boundary, class
* OpenOffice.org template fixes (Issue 39)
* Fix for null bytes inserted through copy-pasting
* Removing an item from the linear view no longer causes an assertion (Issue 41)
* Build script fix for Python 3 (Semantik still requires Python 2 though)

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 More help in about->help?

 by testerus on: Aug 29 2008
Score 50%

Where can I read more documentation?
How to use the data and preview panel?
Any reason to prefer Semantik over Kdissert?

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 Re: More help in about->help?

 by ita256 on: Dec 27 2008
Score 50%

> Where can I read more documentation?

The README file in the distribution provides all the available help. Several features are still changing, and it is too early to write a complete manual.

> How to use the data and preview panel?

The data panel is used for adding parameters used by the document generators

The preview panel is enabled after a document is generated (html for the moment)

> Any reason to prefer Semantik over Kdissert?

Semantik is the new name for kdissert in KDE4

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 Re: Re: More help in about->help?

 by testerus on: Jan 9 2009
Score 50%

Thanks for your answers. So I am going to stick with KDissert until Semantik is ready.
What I dislike about Semantik is that the background moves/resizes by itself all the time. In KDissert the items remain where I've put them.

When do you expect to have a feature-complete Semantik with Documentation available. Is there a roadmap?

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 Semantik-0.6.9 install problem

 by woezonloo on: Jan 1 2009
Score 50%


First, I would like to thank you for developping semantik.

I think there's a bug in the way semantik-0.6.9 installs localization files : it tries to install them not *IN* /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ and /usr/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/, but *AS* /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ and /usr/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/, which obviously conflicts with existing data in these folders.

I get the following messages during the installation process :
* installing build/default/src/po/fr.mo as /var/tmp/portage/kde-misc/semantik-0.6.9/image/usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES
* installing build/default/src/po/es.mo as /var/tmp/portage/kde-misc/semantik-0.6.9/image/usr/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES

I didn't find out how to instruct waf to install these .mo files in the proper directories, so I'm not able to submit a patch.

I just could fix this problem manually between build and install :
mv usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES usr/share/locale/fr/semantik.mo
mkdir usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
mv usr/share/locale/fr/semantik.mo usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
(and the same for es).
After that, all files are installed correctly and I got semantik translated in french (the locale I'm using).

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 Re: Semantik-0.6.9 install problem

 by woezonloo on: Jan 4 2009
Score 50%

This problem is solved in 0.7.0. Thank you.

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 Fails to create latex pdf

 by alpapan on: Mar 2 2009
Score 50%


I'm having problems creating a pdf using the 0.71 (but not 0.69) on an ubuntu 8.10 system.

I get this error, any ideas?

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/tmp/test/waf", line 127, in <module>
Scripting.prepare(t, cwd, VERSION, wafdir)
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/Scripting.py", line 122, in prepare
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/Scripting.py", line 115, in prepare_impl
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/Scripting.py", line 190, in main
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/Build.py", line 123, in compile
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/Build.py", line 389, in flush
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/TaskGen.py", line 108, in post
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/TaskGen.py", line 103, in apply
File "/tmp/test/.waf-1.5.2-251c3549bc9f8c49e5f6213f8980a855/wafadmin/Tools/tex.py", line 115, in apply_tex
if not self.type in['latex','pdflatex']:
AttributeError: 'task_gen' object has no attribute 'type'


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 Re: Fails to create latex pdf

 by ita256 on: Apr 18 2009
Score 50%


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 use of variables

 by snvv on: Mar 22 2009
Score 50%

Thank you for that very usefull application.

I would like to ask how to use the variables?

In particular I am interest to include external files and pictures as in the old kdissert.


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 Kubuntu deb stuck at 0.6.8

 by nikkkko on: Apr 11 2009
Score 50%

I used to use Kdissert a lot and now Semantik, but as I am running a stock (K)ubuntu install am stuck with the repository version at 0.6.8.

It appears that the next (K)ubuntu release will also feature 0.6.8 which, given the document generation problem is, well, a problem.

Not sure this message deserves a reply - just a bit of a whinge.

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 KDE on Windows

 by andrius on: Aug 3 2009
Score 50%

are there plans for an official binary package of Semantik for mswindows? Windows has no such great tool :)

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 Re: KDE on Windows

 by edwardphantom on: Aug 6 2009
Score 50%
edwardphantomedwardphanto m
Gyro Tecnologies

plz, running this great tool in windows is the frist step to let's the world know this software in full existence, plz, compile in windows version,

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 Re: Re: KDE on Windows

 by andrius on: Aug 6 2009
Score 50%

when trying to run python waf configure:
error: Semantik cannot work on win32, please install a Linux system from http://www.opensuse.org


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 Re: Re: Re: KDE on Windows

 by andrius on: Aug 6 2009
Score 50%

there shouldn't be this kind of restriction as python, gcc, ocaml and kde works fine on windows.

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