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Avi 2 iPod / PSP (mp4)


KDE Kommander Script

Score 80%
Avi 2 iPod / PSP (mp4)

Avi 2 iPod / PSP (mp4)

Avi 2 iPod / PSP (mp4)

Link:  http://
Minimum required   Kommander
Downloads:  10262
Submitted:  Apr 25 2007
Updated:  Feb 3 2008


Batch or single convert your .Avi files to .mp4 so you can watch them on your video iPOD or PSP.

Kommander ffmpeg and (mplayer for the progressbar to work) are required.

ffmpeg MUST HAVE----- xvid------ or h264-------- SUPPORT ENABLED

If you need to recompile ffmpeg for xvid support here is a guide from (K)ubuntu. Adjust as needed for your distro.

Here is another for Fedora

Here is a precompiled binary for debian distros with the proper codecs. Use at your own risk!

This newest version 2.1.2 WILL work for the old and new versions of ffmpeg. However, on the newer versions of ffmpeg if you have a video with 6 channel 5.1 audio it MAY NOT work on that file. This is due to limitations of the newer ffmpeg. I had some luck but the channels were messed up (center was right, left was rear)

The video codec is xvid or h264 and audio is aac.

Options for

Audio bitrate
Video bitrate
Aspect ratio
TV, PSP or iPod output

h264 is VERY slow but it can make the files much smaller by lowering the bitrate to half of the xvid with the same quality.


PLEASE report any failures by sending me a message on www.kde-apps.org
telling me what you did and how it failed. Also include the output from the command "ffmpeg -formats"
Thank you

Konqueror service menu for quick no GUI conversion (Kdialog progressbar will appear).

Konqueror service menu to open selected file in Avi2iPod.

Output directory is preserved on exit.

Tab widget changed to include relevant execute button on the appropriate tab.

Installer script to place the service menus and icons in the proper place.

The installer script is not required to run the program (just service menu). Simply click the *.kmdr file if you dont want to use the service menus.


This newest version 2.1.2 WILL work for the old and new versions of ffmpeg. However, on the newer versions of ffmpeg if you have a video with 6 channel 5.1 audio it MAY NOT work on that file. This is due to limitations of the newer ffmpeg. I had some luck but the channels were messed up (center was right, left was rear)

If you can, get a slightly older version or if you are using a debian distro use the one in the debian-multimedia.org repros.

If Avi2iPod fails you either dont have the codecs installed or you have a new version that is not quite where it needs to be yet for 6 channel audio.


Added default values for AV codecs in the event Avi2iPod cannot determine your ffmpeg config. Default codecs are libfaac libx264 libxvid. If you get a message that a codec is not installed it still may work.


Added total time counter displayed at completion of encoding.
Tweaked ffmpeg settings to acheive better bitrate control.
Final file sizes are now predictable due to the improved bitrate control.
Added a preview tab so users can see what the final product will look like without encoding the entire video.
Included in the preview tab the selected file is automatically played with detected viewing programs after the sample is generated.
Included in the preview tab the estimated final file size is displayed.
Included in the preview tab is some basic information about the file you are encoding.

Added check to see if Xvid, h264 and aac support are installed. If not error reported. (need feedback)
Added support for the SUPER wide screen format 2.35:1 (PSP iPOD TV)
Removed check box "I have a different version of ffmpeg" Your type of video codecs (libx264 h264 libxvid xvid) are now automatically detected.
Removed choices for resolution. The choice of aspect ratio and iPod or TV automatically determines resolution.
Removed the requirment to have custom FW installed on your PSP. The PSP tab should encode for all PSP's now.
Removed Presets. The choices are now simple enough that presets are not needed.
Removed Volume tab and added it to the iPod options tab.
Fixed a problem with the alternate codecs ( see above. libxvid libx264 aac vs xvid h264 aac) I still need feedback on this.

v2.0 Beta 4
Added options for different versions of ffmpeg. Some versions use libxvid libx264 and libfaac for the video and audio codecs.
Others use xvid h264 and aac.
Added clickable text to select the check boxes.
Added minor cosmetic changes.

v2.0 Beta 3
Added ffmpeg realtime ouput to statusbar
Added PSP AVC native resolution 16:9 (480x272) 4:3 (368x272) encoded with h264.
Files are now renamed to the specifics of the format.

v2.0 Beta 2
Added h264 support
Added real time current file progress bar
Added optimized encoding for TV resolutions.
Added presets for xvid & h264
Added support for Dual Core processors (I don't see much of a difference)

Added a low priority option
Changed layout
Changed icons/Graphic
Added Presets & Volume gain
Fixed bug for spaces in filename

Added index counter (File x of x).
Minor cosmetic formatting changes.

Changed resolutions for TV
Added icons for Aspect ratio and Resolution dropdown boxes

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 Mandriva 2008.0 i686

 by mapi on: Dec 15 2007
Score 50%

Mandriva 2008.0 i686 rpm here:


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 Real nice app

 by m0nk on: Dec 23 2007
Score 50%

this is a kommander script, that I really like. Simple (to use), fast and working (for me, at least). The layout now works, too.
Thank you and Merry Christmas to the community.


If men could get pregnant, absolution would be a sacrament.
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 Great job!

 by joethefox on: Dec 24 2007
Score 50%

Great job! this is what I was looking for! one mouse click killer application. I've only one request: have you plan to add in avi2ipod the features to manage the subtitles?

Merry Christmas

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 Re: Great job!

 by 454casull on: Jan 5 2008
Score 50%

Thanks for the feedback.

I will look into the subtitles.
What exactly would you like to see?

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 Re: Re: Great job!

 by joethefox on: Jan 6 2008
Score 50%

Hi, I would like to select a subtitle file (.srt or .sub format for example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subtitle_%28captioning%29#Subtitle_formats ) to be merged with the film that will be converted (I think this process is called "hard subtitle"). I ask you this, because I like to listen to the films in the original language, but, in my case (as you can read my english...), the help of the subtitles is essential!

Thank you for your support and happy new year!

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 by dummy on: Dec 26 2007
Score 50%

Hi, nice app, unfortunate I have a yp-p2 samsung device :(.

I can't find any program (running on Linux) that can convert a for example avi to an svi file so the samsung p2 can play it. Now I have to use Windows and SMS (samsung media studio) or The gom encoder to do this.

personal website: (nederlands)

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 Re: P2

 by 454casull on: Dec 26 2007
Score 50%

This is what I found. Let me know if it works and I can make something easier for you.


it's just a simple AVI, with a few restrictions: video codec is XviD only, audio is CBR MP3 only, resolution is the same as the screen size, 480x272 (may support smaller sizes too, didn't check), and it can't contain B-frames. Wow, I'm sure that needed a lot of development and control by Samsung! I'm wondering, why do they lie about this? I'm using Avidemux: open any AVI file, set codec to XviD, add resize/crop/black border filters, configure the codec to set the number of B-frames to zero, set audio codec to LAME MP3 (default is CBR 128kbps, leave it like that), save it with svi extension, upload, and there it is, playing just like it should

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 Re: Re: P2

 by dummy on: Dec 27 2007
Score 50%

Thanks for the support, but I'm not there yet. When encoding a Avi The P2 will not play the SVI file. I'm will try later maybe than it go's well.

Ps.(maybe someone make a auto setting for the P2 into Avidemux? like it is now for the PSP and IPOD?...thank you.

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 Newest ver of ffmpeg

 by 454casull on: Jan 2 2008
Score 50%

The newest version of ffmpeg is VERY picky. I cant make Avi2iPod do everything its supposed to do on the latest version of ffmpeg (r11367). Its an ffmpeg problem.

If you can, get a slightly older version or if you are using a debian distro use the one in the debian multimedia repros.

If Avi2iPod fails you either dont have the codecs install or you have a new version that is not quite where it needs to be yet.

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 Feature request

 by tstruppi on: Jan 6 2008
Score 50%

I've been using the script for a while now and like it a lot - Thank You!

There are two things I'd like to suggest to make it even more useful:

- An option to preserve the aspect ratio of the input file(s)
- Save settings, output directory etc. when exiting the script

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 Re: Feature request

 by 454casull on: Jan 6 2008
Score 50%

Thanks for the feed back.

I can easily preserve the output directory.
However, The aspect ratio might be a problem. Xvid is funkey when it comes to 2.35:1 videos. As far as I know when using xvid and 2.35:1 the aspect ratio must be supplied and it must be 1:1. No other combination I have tried works.

I will work on it.

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 Re: Re: Feature requ

 by 454casull on: Jan 6 2008
Score 50%

Forgot to add

What else would you like saved other than output directory?

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