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KIO Slave sysinfo:/


KDE Improvement

Score 85%
KIO Slave sysinfo:/

Link:  http://
Downloads:  38171
Submitted:  May 20 2007
Updated:  Oct 26 2007


This is the openSUSE's KIO Slave sysinfo:/. Theare are the sources and various package (particularly for kubuntu). It shows various information about your pc, like cpu, ram. kernel version, exc. It also shows the rimovable devices and partition (total space/available space) and you can open it from this kio slave (and mount, umount). Watch screenshot and changelog for more information.

If you want to change the icons (or progress bar, only in version 1.8+) of the kio slave put your personal one into the folder "/usr/share/apps/sysinfo/about/images"
(48x48 pixel)

Available languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Russian.

Available Distribution: Kubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, Archlinux, PCLinuxOS, Fedora Core, Slackware, Gentoo.

Particular thanks to Divilinux!

For every problem contact me!!! bye!

I can olny update with all fix and language the source code, the kubuntu 7.04 i386 deb and very rarely the debian testing package. if someone (the authors, possibly) want to fix the other packages (or do other ones), i'll post them!

Probably some language files aren't correct. If someone want to fix them, send the fixed version to my email! thanks!
Please test the new version (1.8.2) and report bugs!


[*] Added Kubuntu Gutsy i386 package;

[*] Added Debian testing amd64 package; I'll add the kio-sysinfo 1.8.3, with new bugfix, as soon as possible :D

[*] PCLinuxOS rpm updated to version 1.8.2; Added Gentoo ebuild (1.8.2);

[*]Arch linux version updated to version 1.8.2;

[*] Debian Testing i386 deb updated to version 1.8.2;

[*] a APT repository for Kubuntu Feisty was created (that include the kio-sysinfo too of course!)!

[*] Mandriva 2007.1 rpm updated to version 1.8.2

[*] Kubuntu 7.04 i386 deb and sources updated to version 1.8.2;

[*]VERSION 1.8.2:
* Fixed background (it's now trasparent and look better with a non-withe window backgrounds)
* Fixed greek translation
* Added Hungarian translation
* Added Russian translation
* Fixed disk progress bar (now if the used space is too low the number of GB/MB will be typed outside the progress bar.
* Added a tooltip that will appear when the cursor is over the disk name
* The temperature section was removed and this information was moved in the cpu section
* Added cores number in cpu section (only if there are more than one)

[*] Fedora 7 rpm updated to version 1.8.1;

[*] Debian lenny/testing deb updated to version 1.8.1; ArchLinux package update to version 1.8.1;

[*] Debian sid deb updated to version 1.8.1;

[*] PCLinuxOS rpm updated to version 1.8.1; Added debian etch deb (1.8.1)

[*] Mandriva 2007.1 rpm updated to version 1.8.1

[*] Kubuntu 7.04 deb and sources updated to version 1.8.1

[*]VERSION 1.8.1: Bugfix Version. in this release were fixed some languages files for a better and complete translation and the greek language was added.

[*]Debian testing deb updated to version 1.8; added debian unstable (sid) deb (1.8);

[*]PCLinuxOS 2007 i586 rpm updated to version 1.8;

[*]Mandriva 2007.1 i586 rpm updated to version 1.8;

[*]Kubuntu feisty i386 deb and sources update to version 1.8.

[*]VERSION 1.8: added the Czech translation; add new graphic style to the disk information section (look screenshot)(from http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Sysinfo+for+Pardus?content=62399; Probably some language files are incorrect or incomplete... i'll fix them for version 1.8.1.

[*]Now all packages are in a repository on a tuxfamily (linked below)

[*]Kubuntu 7.04 amd64 deb updated to version 1.7.1

[*]Mandriva 2007.1 rpm updated to version 1.7.1

[*]VERSION 1.7.1: Bugfix Version. Fixed some language files; Added polish translation; Updated spanish translation. Sources and Kubuntu 7.04 i386 package updated.

[*]Fedora Core 7 rpm update to version 1.7

[*]Kubuntu 7.04 amd64 deb updated to version 1.7

[*]Mandriva 2007.1 rpm updated to version 1.7; Added the rpm package of the library "libhd13-dev" that is needed to compile the source (a deb version already exist); i don't know if this library works on all distro that use rpm packages beacuse it is converted from a deb package (with alien).

[*]Debian testing deb updated to version 1.7

[*]VERSION 1.7: added a section that shows various information about your video card; Now the memory section shows informations about the swap; various small improvements to the source code. The screeshot now shows all features that kio-sysinfo has (netinfo will be fixed as soon as possible), but the kio-sysinfo show only the features that are available on your pc (for example if there aren't temperature sensors, the "case temperature" section will not be shown). Updated packages: kubuntu 7.04 i386, source code. Please see "Development and bugfix" section, thanks.

[*]Updated Kubuntu 6.06 deb to version 1.5

[*]Added slackware 11 package (1.5)

[*]Debian testing deb updated to version 1.5; Correct some problem with translation;

[*]PCLinuxOS 2007 rpm updated to version 1.5;

[*]Mandriva 2007.1 rpm updated to version 1.5; Added new kubuntu deb and new sources with temp icon (i forgot it when i compile the kio-slave the first time, sorry!)

[*]VERSION 1.5: added new features: case temperature section (it's shown only if there are temperature sensors), repository link (needs kio-apt , otherwise it will not be show), improved system information (the kio-slave now recognizes your distro and show the correct information). This features were already present in the kubuntu mod version. Now this new features are available for all and there is only one sources for all distros. So the kubuntu mod version was removed. Thanks to Divilinux for many of this new features!! Please see "Development and bugfix" section, thanks.

[*]Added Fedora Core 7 rpm

[*]I've added the sources with a small bugfix.

[*]Mandriva 2007.1 rpm updated

[*]Added a version of kio-slave with more features (thanks Divilinux!): repository link (needs kio-apt) and temperature monitor (see sreenshot). This version is only for kubuntu, if you try to install its in another distro the system information probably will not be shown correctly or will be shown incomplete and the repository link doesn't work. that's all! (TRANSLATIONS WILL BE FIXED SOON)

[*]Fixed Brazilian Portuguese translation (in the sources); added pclinuxos 2007 pkg link

[*]updated kubuntu 7.04 i386 package with new language and fix

[*]Added german and french language; fixed italian language (all in the source code)

[*]Added spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations in the source code (not in pkg)

[*]Added packages: kubuntu 7.04 amd64, mandriva 2007.1 i586, kubuntu 6.06 i386

[*]Kubuntu deb and source code patched (fixed wrong layout)

[*]added the arch linux package

[*]added the powerPC binary

[*]added the source code link! (sorry if i haven't added it before)

(Link to Source and Packages)
(Link per Italiani!)
(Link to kubuntu feisty repository)
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 by Fanaz on: Jun 25 2007
Score 50%

error: unpacking of archive failed on file /bin/chmod;467f8a15: cpio: MD5 sum mismatch

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 Re: err

 by Fanaz on: Jun 25 2007
Score 50%

[On Fedora 7, kio-sysinfo v1.7]

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 Re: Re: err

 by jerrad on: Jun 25 2007
Score 50%

i don't know how to help you... the author of fedora's rpm can help you, i think...


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 Re: err

 by Ruffinius on: Jun 26 2007
Score 50%

rpm -i --replacefiles --nomd5

Success is inconvenient
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 sysinfo:/ error

 by felmur on: Jun 25 2007
Score 50%

I'm Italian, so you will read the error desc in this language.

This is the error that is shown in the konqueror window when I try to run "konqueror sysinfo:/" from konsole.

"Si è verificato un errore durante il caricamento di sysinfo:/:
Il processo per il protocollo sysinfo è morto inaspettatamente."

This happens when I try to run the kio_slave as a normal user.

When I try to run it with:

kdesu konqueror sysinfo:/

seems that kio_slave works fine. So, if i run sysinfo:/ as root it works, even the first rescan() function. After the first rescan(), the error is shown again.

Any ideas?

I have a distro created from scratch, but slackware 11 seems to have the same problem.

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 Re: sysinfo:/ error

 by Ruffinius on: Jun 26 2007
Score 50%


Success is inconvenient
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 by jerrad on: Jun 25 2007
Score 50%

bè... pure io sono italiano se è per questo :)

Io ho testato il sysinfo solo su kubuntu... se hai problemi con altre distro dovresti chiedere informazioni agli autori dei pacchetti (guardando la tua homepage mi sembra di capire che usi felinux che ho letto essere compatibile con slackware... i pacchetti per slack 11 vanno???)

i have tested the kio-slave only on kubuntu.... on this distro it works fine... on other distro i don't know if the kio-slave works.. you have to ask to author of the package that you used. i don't know how to help you... sorry...

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 Hardware Info

 by universe777 on: Jun 30 2007
Score 50%

First I want to say a big thanks for developing this, I love it.
My Question is: how can I display the Hardware Info correctly ? I Have no Info about manufacture,type & bios.What is needed ?

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 Re: Hardware Info

 by jerrad on: Jul 2 2007
Score 50%

evidently there aren't hw info in your pc, so the hw info section aren't shown...

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 Suddenly Italian?

 by benjf5 on: Jul 2 2007
Score 50%

Okay, so I have an English installation of Kubuntu 7.04, and I decided to upgrade to sysinfo:/ v.1.7, and then it said a dependency was missing, so I reinstalled 1.3, and suddenly I have 1.7 running perfectly, except it's all in Italian. How do I change this? Is it a bug or a feature, meant to make me learn multiple languages? (I enjoy languages, this is not meant to be offensive. I'd love to learn Italian!)

Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi
--Fullmetal Alchemist

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 Re: Suddenly Italian?

 by benjf5 on: Jul 2 2007
Score 50%

never mind... I installed libhd13, and suddenly, poof! It reverted to English! That's got to be one of the stranger occurrences with this, I bet...

Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi
--Fullmetal Alchemist

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 X server crashes

 by FrancesKo on: Jul 3 2007
Score 50%

I installed KIO slave sysinfo, on my Kubuntu Feisty Fawn with KDE 3.5.6, but when I open Konqueror and point the browser to 'sysinfo:/' the X server crashes....
Perhaps the problem is on my PC, in fact if I run:
'glxinfo |grep rendering'
in a konsole, the X server crashes.
I think that if I point konqueror to 'sysinfo:/', the X server crashes because KIO slave sysinfo would check if there is a 3D acceleration...
Is it possible to disable this function? So I can check if it is the problem.

www.NonSoloGuide.altervista.org - my site!
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 Re: X server crashes

 by jerrad on: Jul 3 2007
Score 50%

yes... the kio-sysinfo check 3D acceleration... to disable it you have to recompile the source code without this function... if you have prolem doing this, post here or send me an email!

but... wouldn't be better to resolve the X crash problem?

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