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Foxkit Web Browser


KDE Web Application

Score 79%
Foxkit Web Browser

Foxkit Web Browser

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  574
Submitted:  Jun 9 2008
Updated:  Jul 29 2008


Foxkit is a KDE Web Browser written using WebKit, Qt, and KDE. Foxkit is still in early development so lots of things are unimplemented (bookmarks, history, javascript opening new windows), but many things work decently well. If you experience any bugs please report them either here, the Google Project page, or just send it directly to me. Please include a backtrace if it crashes!

To run Foxkit, download the source archive on this page (or the google code project page) then extract the files using whatever program you like to use. Then on the command line run the following commands:
cd foxkit-0.0.5
cmake .
mkdir ~/.kde4/share/apps/foxkit
cp ./src/foxkitui.rc ~/.kde4/share/apps/foxkit/foxkitui.rc

The name of the folder '~/.kde4' may vary based on your distro, use 'kde4-config --localprefix' to find out what it's named on your system. The required packages are Qt 4.4, QtWebKit (possibly packaged independently depending on the distro), KDElibs 4, as well as the -devel packages for each. CMake is required to build Foxkit.


0.0.5 - Cookies are now saved across sessions with a tiny dialog to see what cookies are currently set (but can't edit them yet). Fixed the memory leak from long ago, lots of small fixes and improvements. Added the ability to have multiple top-level windows open at once. Opening new windows/tabs via Javascript is still unimplemented, but other things should work fine. Should handle SSL websites with certificate errors better (i.e. for self-signed certificates), although no notification of using SSL is given yet. Error pages might not function well/at all yet.

0.0.2 - Middle Click, Ctrl+Click on links will open them in a new tab. You can also right mouse click on a link to get a context menu. Lots of bug fixes related to tabs, some consistency changes, a major optimization, and possibly a minor memory leak ;).

Source(Foxkit 0.0.1 Source (Deprecated))
Source(Foxkit 0.0.2 Source (Deprecated))
Source(Foxkit 0.0.5)
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 by kit on: Jun 9 2008
Score 50%

Just as a clarification, the lines 'mkdir ~/.kde4/share/apps/foxkit

cp ./src/foxkitui.rc ~/.kde4/share/apps/foxkit/foxkitui.rc' are required so that FoxKit will see the ui.rc file (otherwise the toolbars/menus will be rather... not working). Currently you can't actually 'install' Foxkit system-wide (at least without doing it all yourself :P). Eventually I'll get around to adding that to the cmakelist files, but for the 0.0.1 release it's not supported.

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 by DanaKil on: Jun 9 2008
Score 50%

this could be a great oportunity to test some new KDE4 technologies like Kross (any idea how far it can be used to create firefox-like extensions ?) or the rating for the bookmarks (death to the traditionnnal bookmarks menu !!)

I hope great things for this project and a lot of dev love :)

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 Re: great

 by kit on: Jun 10 2008
Score 50%

I was actually planning to use Kross to hopefully implement something similar to Firefox's extension support. Being able to use a combination of Kross and Get Hot New Stuff would easily solve a good portion of the whole extensions problem one would face when making something equivalent to Firefox's.

As for the bookmarks, I haven't even begun to think about that yet and most likely I'll first throw together something like the traditional model and then come back later to hopefully get a more modern model (I've never been a fan of the traditional bookmarks menu, I rarely use it and mine always ends up being a giant mess of never-used bookmarks). Hopefully Nepomuk+Stringi will open more options.

I might also try to have the whole bookmarks system exist as a plugin to simplify ripping it out and replacing it with some crazy new models that might be the next big thing/total failures (failures can be as much fun as success :P).

Hopefully by the end of this summer I'll have something that I'm willing to use as my primary browser full time, and depending on how much of a masochist I am, I'll probably start focusing on a 1.0 release then.

Thanks for the reply! If you have any more ideas please post them!

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 me again...

 by DanaKil on: Jun 10 2008
Score 50%

just a thought that I had some time ago about browsers extensions : in order to easily lets users create extensions, it would be great to have an internal mechanism near the KDE4 dataengine/plasmoid one. So you could have a dataengine providing, for example, tabs informations (number of tabs, titles, urls and maybe thumbnails...) and each plugin could connect to it to do the actual view (classic tabbar at top, lateral bar with thumbnails...)
Other dataengines could relate to bookmarks (akonadi here ?), links in webpages, etc.

Well, I know that Foxkit is ATM far from these problems, so I let you do the basic things now :-)

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 Re: me again...

 by kit on: Jun 10 2008
Score 50%

Following the lead of Plasma would probably be a good idea, I've never really done any plugin development before so following the lead of some people that seem to know what they're doing would probably be a good idea :P

And actually Foxkit is closer to that point that I realized, there had been several problems wrt tab switching that'd been around for quite a while that I solved last night (I'm disappointed how simple the fixes were that I'd been over looking :P) so with some few minor exceptions (I think mostly just re-doing the link's context menu to allow opening it in a new tab) I'm gonna start working on the really interesting things like cookie handling (I want a way to be able to use multiple sets of cookies for a single site... like being able to be logged into two gmail accounts at once), history, enabling the webkit's web inspector, and after that point I can probably begin working on things like Kross support... Oh yeah, somewhere in there I should probably implement the configuration dialog and make it possible to install Foxkit system wide :P

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 by Yaccin on: Jun 10 2008
Score 50%
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i love it!

kde 4.2 with dolphin and foxkit and konqueror only optional? i think it could be great :)

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 crewl.. but ..

 by Blackcrack on: Jun 11 2008
Score 50%

i hope it's be like konqueror, use the Konqueror as filemanager and then input a adress and it become the web.. without changing the window... :) it shold be integrated :) (i hope it ;)*jump*)


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 Re: crewl.. but ..

 by kit on: Jun 11 2008
Score 50%

I don't really have any plans on making Foxkit a universal viewer like Konqueror, partly because Konqueror is already a kick-ass universal viewer :P

I'm more so intending Foxkit to be a Dolphin of the web. Right now Foxkit is *much* simpler than Konqueror (both in the interface and the code base), and I think I'll be able to maintain most of that simplicity as I fill in Foxkit's missing features (cookie and history should be fairly unobtrusive, as they'll mostly be seen by the user in the configuration dialog and have their own classes in the code base).

I've designed (for varying definitions of 'design' ;) Foxkit to not have the child classes depend on the parent classes (i.e. only using signals to talk to parent classes and not directly accessing any of the functions that exist in parent classes) so hopefully porting systems used in Foxkit to Konqueror won't be too challenging (although none of the currently existing stuff is that interesting). Hopefully Foxkit will be able to be used as a test-bed for new ideas like Dolphin was, which may then benefit Konqueror as they're ported over.

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 Redisplay button

 by rfoss on: Jun 12 2008
Score 50%

A browser with a button labeled "redisplay". Hm, I wonder what it does.. It's position is about where most browser have a "reload" or "refresh" button, but this one says "redisplay".

"Redisplay" indicates the same information will be redisplayed. It doesn't indicate the true function, that a page will be re-retrieved from its source location and then displaye again.

Relabel as "Reload" please.

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 Re: Redisplay button

 by kit on: Jun 12 2008
Score 50%

Whoops! Over looked that

Now fixed in Git, should be in the next release :P

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