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STDIN Plasmoid


Plasmoid Binary

Score 90%
PlasmaFactoryPlasmaFactor y
PlasmaFactor y
STDIN Plasmoid

STDIN Plasmoid

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  4609
Submitted:  Nov 1 2008
Updated:  Feb 9 2009


This plasmoid executes a process and captures its stdout or stderr output stream, it can also display the content of a local file or a remote file via KIO.
You can think of this plasmoid as a general purpose scriptable plasmoid, even for languages not supported by kross, because you can make an script and capture its output :-).

This package contains both, the 0.2 and 0.1 versions, to install the package just execute the install.sh script or these commands in order:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
sudo make install
kquitapp plasma; sleep 1; plasma (or restart KDE)

The 0.2 version requires KDE 4.2, users of KDE 4.1 may only install the 0.1 version. The build script in the root directory tries to find your KDE version and select the proper version, if it fails enter to the 0.1 or 0.2 directory and execute the corresponding install.sh script

These are some demonstration videos

* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/notes.ogg: Leaving a note on desktop.
* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/cpu.ogg: Watch cpu speed and temperature.
* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/encoding.ogg: Select from all the different encodings KDE supports.
* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/log.ogg: Watch a log across a network on realtime using tail, or with a 1 second delay using KIO.
* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/svnygit.ogg: Monitor Subversion and Git logs.
* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/chat.ogg: Interface with a PHP script and its results across a network.
* http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/script.ogg: Interface with a perl script (http://ezeaguerre.googlepages.com/speed.pl).

The Subversion repository now has a 0.2 directory:
0.2/trunk: The most recent version.
0.2/branches/0.2-workarounds: trunk + workarounds for various bugs found in Qt and KDE.
0.2/tags: Tagged releases

0.1 trunk: svn co https://plasmoidstdin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plasmoidstdin/0.1 stdin
0.2 trunk: svn co https://plasmoidstdin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plasmoidstdin/0.2/trunk stdin
0.2-workarounds branch: svn co https://plasmoidstdin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plasmoidstdin/0.2/branches/0.2-workarounds stdin
This package: svn co https://plasmoidstdin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plasmoidstdin/0.2/tags/0.2-beta1 stdin

This package is based on 0.2-workarounds branch, which is the one we recommend, and has workarounds for at least these bugs:
* Qt 4.4 doesn't propagate changes in geometry to parent QGraphicsWidget, hopefully it will be fixed by Qt 4.5.
* Plasma::PopupApplet doesn't remember the size nor the aspect ratio of the plasmoid after iconifying to the panel.
* Plasma::Applet::setBackgroundHints(Plasma::Applet::NoBackground) fails when called from Plasma::Applet::init().
* Maybe more which I don't remember right now...

Translated into:
* Spanish.
* Czech.
* Brazilian Portuguese.

Some Useful Commands
You may need to edit them slightly for your system.
* WLAN SIGNAL: iwconfig wlan0 | grep -i quality.*signal | cut -b 11-100
* WLAN USEAGE: ifstat wlan0 | grep -iE "(wlan0)|(Interface)"
* NVIDIA TEMP: printf "Core Temp: "; nvidia-settings -q gpucoretemp |grep '):' | awk '{print$4}' |cut -b 1,2


* Completely rewritten from scratch.
* Support various encodings (not just ASCII or UTF-8).
* Get files with KIO.
* Capture standard output and/or standard error.
* Select the background style (Normal, Translucent or No Background).
* Basic filtering (how many lines to display, counting form the start or the end...).
* Contextual action "refresh" and "copy".
* Many more...

* Added build 4 kde 4.2 same as yaWP
* Some fixes to the running of commands (by Ezequiel -thanks)

Major upgrade ;) :
* Added update() (1 line)
* Fixed spelling mistake in description, (waisting or necking rather than wasting ; the opposite).
I'm still happy to say that it is still dumb, nothing changed, ... really.

* The start of great things (maybe not).

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 Law against content like this?

 by Anywhere on: Nov 1 2008
Score 50%
Coarse Grind

...No there should be a law against omitting content that is both this simple and this useful.....in fact I think they're about to drag you off to jail for taking so long!

This is fantastic! I don't suppose you can make a plasmoid console? I've really missed the console screenlet from my Gnome days.

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 Re: Law against content like this?

 by srog on: Nov 2 2008
Score 50%

Yes, this is useful.

About konsole plasmoid:

http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/ has:

embed-win - "Embed any window as plasmoid"
Tested, this is working at here (1)

konsolator - "A simple plasmoid embedding a konsole"
I have not tested this.

(1) Kubuntu 8.10 Itrepid Ibex - KDE 4.1.2

PPA Plasmoids:

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 Re: Law against content like this?

 by voidonic on: Nov 11 2008
Score 50%

Nice applet. I suggest you add copying current text to the clipboard as an option. Perhaps with a button on the settings page ...

#include <QClipboard>
#include <QApplication>

QClipboard * clipboard = QApplication::clipboard();



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 Re: Re: Law against content like this?

 by ruans on: Nov 14 2008
Score 50%

OK will have a look. Can you give me a tip as to how to get more complex commands working, like:
bash -c "echo 'A plasmoid' | awk '{gsub(\"A\",\"A dumb\"); print}'"
QProcess does not like it?

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 Re: Re: Re: Law against content like this?

 by Landrovan on: Jan 22 2009
Score 50%

I found a way.
Just create a .sh file containing your line. Put his file in your personal bin folder. Than you can just use the name of the sh file as command in this plasmoid!

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 by ruans on: Nov 3 2008
Score 50%

10 lines of code 11 bugs ;)
When size not fixed it does not update when size the same (calling resize). I'll upload a fix later, you may force a update, in function PlasmaStdin::updateCommand add update(); after resize(...);

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 Re: Problem

 by ruans on: Nov 5 2008
Score 50%


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 by AlexeyTyapkin on: Nov 28 2008
Score 50%

doesn't works with top. e.g.: top -n 1

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 Re: bug?

 by scomar on: Feb 10 2009
Score 50%


top b | head -n 20

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 Umlaute (ä,ö,ü,ß)

 by rbb74 on: Jan 2 2009
Score 50%

plasma_stdin.cpp (line 62):

m_mess = QString::fromUtf8(m_proc->readAllStandardOutput());

Instead of a simple QString solves this problem.

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 kde 4.2

 by jammen33 on: Jan 20 2009
Score 50%

it wont compile in kde 4.2 can you get this working please this is one of my favorite plasmids


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 Re: kde 4.2

 by ruans on: Jan 24 2009
Score 50%

I will fix it, I have been working on yaWP so have not given this any attention.
I use it too. :)


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 by H00K on: Jan 24 2009
Score 50%

I think it would be very useful if there was a Plasmoid that would display the latest StdErr output.

Imagine compiling something or just running an application (from GUI, not CLI) and therefore missing the error output. If something would be constantly on the prow and catching them and displaying the errors on desktop — that'd be really cool :]

P.S. Could you please write in the description also what this Plasmoid *actually* does?

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 Re: StdErr

 by ruans on: Jan 24 2009
Score 50%

Good idea. I agree. I will try and improve this.

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