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Adjustable Clock

   4.1.4 "Hello QML"  

Plasmoid Binary

Score 89%
Adjustable Clock

Adjustable Clock

Adjustable Clock

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  11597
Submitted:  Nov 8 2008
Updated:  Nov 1 2013


Plasmoid to show date and time in adjustable format using rich text.
Developed and tested on KDE 4.11 with Qt 4.8 (Kubuntu 13.10).

Source (main repository, with more frequent updates) is located at:

Version 4.0 (and newer) is not backwards compatible with 3.x, all custom formats need to be exported and manually converted.

QML themes support is currently considered as experimental, behavior and available API are not yet stable and most probably will be changed with next release.

- to change tool tip text you need to set options toolTipExpressionMain and toolTipExpressionSub in applets configuration file (usually located at ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc), in group containing line plugin=adjustableclock;
- you can use advanced WebKit features (all of these that work with for example rekonq should work here too), for example use CSS to create reflections:

-webkit-box-reflect:below 5px -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(transparent), color-stop(0.5, transparent), to(white));

And much more. ;-)

If you created interesting theme and want to share it then post in comments!

- fully custom date and time using JavaScript API to obtain date and time components;
- multiple clock themes utilizing various designs;
- possibility to use rich text editor or edit source directly (HTML and CSS or QML) to adjust theme;
- context menu with actions to copy formatted (adjustable expressions) date and time to clipboard;
- fast copy to clipboard of adjustable date and time expression after middle mouse click on the clock or activation of keyboard shortcut;
- adjustable tool tip (hidden option, toolTipExpressionMain and toolTipExpressionSub keys);
- standard clock calendar.

If you have found bugs or have suggestions you can contact me via email, message or using comments, before you will vote bad. And remember that not everybody has enough time for fast replying. ;-)


4.1.4 (01.11.2013):
- fixed week number not being updated;
- added missing title of "Insert Component" dialog.

4.1.3 (27.09.2013):
- ensure that component values are always up to date;
- adjust timestamp for time zone offset;
- do not allow for accidental nesting of components in editor;
- added option to hide date in Train Clock theme;
- added workaround to ensure that hands of SVG Clock have correct initial positions as soon as possible.

4.1.2 (01.06.2013):
- ensure that center of SVG Clock theme is always valid;
- improve resizing in vertical panels.

4.1.1 (25.05.2013):
- fixed WYSIWYG editor for HTML themes;
- fixed missing dialog for "Insert Component" actions.

4.1 (15.05.2013):
- added SVG Clock theme (analog clock that uses Plasma theme);
- added experimental support for QML themes (alpha state);
- added simple file templates for new themes;
- move theme editor to own dialog;
- move theme specific actions to context menu;
- added ability to install and export themes (Plasma Package ZIP);
- some other improvements and fixes.

Source(Adjustable Clock v4.1.4 (tar.bz2))
Source(Adjustable Clock master snapshot (zip))
SUSE(Packages on openSUSE Build Service)
Fedora(Packages for Fedora (by sokar620))
Ubuntu(Packages for Kubuntu (by Emdek))
Arch(Arch-Linux PKGBUILD (by ksolsim))
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 New rendering possibilities for next release

 by Emdek on: Feb 15 2012
Score 50%

One of main new features planned for next release is to finally allow to take advantage
of animations and other stuff that requires more often repainting etc.
I've initially checked how it works in QtWebKit (using rekonq) and I see some bugs (maybe wrong transformations order?) however 3D transforms itself are possible.
Those who want to experiment with it can start testing it using QtWebKit based browsers (rekonq, Arora) to test it first, it could be good idea to announce attempt first, so we don't end with duplicate efforts (my plans are train clock and rotating rings based one).

Life is unfair...
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 Bug in html correction

 by 5er on: Feb 18 2012
Score 50%

I like version 3.1. I like previews and theme managing (adding themes was a bit buggy before), but I don't like the correction of html. It keeps messing my clocks up. It inserts "placeholder" and "fix" tags where format components are used in attributes (for example in the progress clock).

Other than that, keep up the great work.

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 Re: Bug in html correction

 by Emdek on: Feb 18 2012
Score 50%

Yeah, it is not perfect yet and QtWebKit (has some issues comparing to "raw" one) doesn't want to cooperate... ;-)
You can disable substitution for individual placeholders by placing ~ just after %.
I'm also planning to allow to disable current substitution in editor, for advanced users (as it was added to do not scary beginners).
You can also follow changes in git repository, as some nice features should be there soon (currently most interesting change is removal of requirement that repainted can be done only on time change, so use of CSS transitions, animations and such is now possible). ;-)

Life is unfair...
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 List of placeholders

 by woodsdog on: Apr 2 2012
Score 50%

Since adjustable clock is "no longer compatible with strftime()", is there a list of placeholders somewhere? I can't seem to find them in any obvious place.

Also, can you help us understand why you went away from the Unix standard strftime placeholders? Those are pretty much universally standard, and referenced everywhere. I'm sure there are good reasons, just curious to what they are.

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 Re: List of placeholders

 by Emdek on: Apr 2 2012
Score 50%

1. There is dialog to insert placeholder (there was a menu in the past), you can access it by clicking that chronometer icon right from font family list box.

2. There is not enough symbols for all combinations (short and long forms, leading zeros, alternative forms etc.) to make it compatible and fully logical.

Life is unfair...
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 Re: Re: List of placeholders

 by woodsdog on: Apr 2 2012
Score 50%

I want you to know that this Widget is awesome. The flexibility it has is wonderful. Please don't take my previous comment as a complaint..this rocks.

I see the menu where I can choose "seconds" or "days" or whatever. However, when coding in HTML, I don't know what they are. I have to generate one with the menu, look at the code details, then put it in my html. It's quite the process.

As a suggestion, it would be very helpful to have a list of these placeholders documented.

Also, how do I do a 3 letter Month? In the drop down, I see month, but it spells it out all the way. I want just a three letter Month.

Thanks again for this widget!

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 Re: Re: Re: List of placeholders

 by Emdek on: Apr 2 2012
Score 50%

For short month form select both textual form and short form. Alternatively you can try using expressions to get only part of the string.

Partial documentation (modifiers syntax) is available in README file, currently there is no separate list of placeholders, but you can get them from comments in src/Applet.cpp, in body of method QString Applet::evaluatePlaceholder(ushort placeholder, QDateTime dateTime, int alternativeForm, bool shortForm, bool textualForm).

Life is unfair...
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 Please update Arch link

 by cmlr on: Jul 16 2012
Score 50%

The Arch Linux package has been renamed, please update the link as follows:

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 Several clocks not in sync

 by timonoj on: Sep 12 2012
Score 50%

Hi, I really like your widget and the many ways it can be customized! We are using it for some company to display the time in different timezones in a large screen. However there's a small irk that is rather visible: So far there are 4 adjustableclock widgets running at the same time, with different timezones set. BUT there's always one that goes something like 0.8 second delayed (that's less than a second), so three of the widgets update the seconds in perfect sync, and there's one lagging behind .8 secs. A small irk, but very visible. Could you try and check it? Everything else seems to work perfectly!

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 Re: Several clocks not in sync

 by Emdek on: Sep 12 2012
Score 50%

This is pretty weird issue, are those standard themes?
I can only reproduce such behavior using plasmoidviewer, when each instance has own process... Moreover, I can reproduce that also using standard digital clock.

This seems to be limitation of data engine which has no option to align to a second (http://api.kde.org/4.9-api/kdelibs-apidocs/plasma/html/namespacePlasma.html#aab29f15efa645a5f644650f2f7f44857) but uses milliseconds internally - this could lead to such slight differences (depending when clock instance was connected to data engine).
And since kdelibs are frozen (so it will not be fixed in proper way before KDE 5.x) I can only think about some workaround, like checking milliseconds delay and connecting to data engine in slot called after computed time.

But it is still weird that one is delayed so much inside single process, maybe it was added a bit later and there is some applet(s) that consume that 0.8 second for own initialization? Then removing all clocks and adding them again could help.

Life is unfair...
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 Codes that I have found

 by gldvorak on: Sep 17 2012
Score 50%

Note: Everything changes size as one scrolls through the time zones!

Returns the letter—Size changes as time zones are changed!
%a b B c C e f F g G i I j J k K l L n N o O P q Q r u v V x X y
%$a b B c C e f F g G i I j J k K l L n N o O P q Q r u v V x X y
%!a b B c C e f F g G i I j J k K l L n N o O P q Q r u v V x X y

Useful codes—Size changes as time zones are changed, except where noted!
%A or %$A Fri, Sep 14, 12 09:44 PM
%!A Fri, 09/14/12 09:44 PM
%D or %$D or %!D—258 Days into the year
%d or %$d or %!d—14 Day number, two digits
%E or %$E or %!E—returns nothing!
%H or %$H or %!H returns nothing!
%h or %$h—09 Hour
%!h—9 Hour
%M—09 Month number, two digits—Size does not change
%$M—Month name—Size does not change
%!M—9 Month number, one digit—Size does not change
%$m or %m—05 Minute, two digits—Size does not change
%!m—5 Minute—Size does not change,
%$p or %p—am/pm
%$R or %R or %!R—09:44 AM/PM
%$S or %S or %!S —nn:nn AM/PM,
The values change with the time zones but do not correspond with anything! The size does not change.
%$s or %s or %-S or %~s or %+s—15 Seconds, two digits
%!s—9 Seconds, 0ne digit
%$T or %T—Fri, Sep 14, 12; Short weekday, short Month name day number, two digit year
%!T—Fri, 09/14/12; Short weekday, Month number/Day number/Two digit year
%$t or %t—09:34:47 PM; HH:MM:SS AM/PM
%!t—09:34 pm; HH:MM AM/PM
%$U or %U or %!U—Seconds since the epoch—Size does not change.hm,,
%$W or %W or %!W—week number—Size does not change.
%$w—Tuesday; Long weekday name—Size does not change.
%w or %!w—6 Day of weeknumber, Sunday=0—Size does not change.
%$Y or %Y—Year number, four digits
%!Y—12 Two digit year.
%$Z or %Z—Country/City: HH:MM AM Fri, Sep 14, 12;
List of country name/city name: Hour:Minute AM/PM Short day name, Short Day name, Short Month name Day num, two digit year
%!Z—City: HH:MM AM Fri, Sep 14, 12;
List of city name: hour:minute AM/PM Short day name, Short Day name, Short Month name Day num, two digit year
%z or %!z— -7;UTC offset
%$z—America/Los Angeles; Country name/city name

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 Re: Codes that I have found

 by Emdek on: Sep 20 2012
Score 50%

E and H placeholders will yield results only if there is available data to display (when data engine supports it and there are configured events in case of E).
Clock always tries to first calculate maximum results width for placeholders with variable lengths (like month name) but that is not always feasible.

Life is unfair...
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