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Plasmoid Binary

Score 89%



Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  11189
Submitted:  Nov 25 2008
Updated:  Jan 13 2010


This plasmoid is a controller and a visualizer of informations about the songs for amarok 2.0.
It is quite, let's say, advanced compared with the "Now Playing" plasmoid. I have Kirocker as a model, so it works well even on a thin panel.
Currently it shows basilar info about the song, the cover image, the rating and other minor things, but I plan to add some other Things in the future.
Anyway if you have some feature request, please tell me!

Hope you enjoy it!


-fixed licensing issues
-compiles with kde < 4.4 too

-added a lyrics extender item
-fixed a bug that with qt 4.6 could make playwolf to show nothing
-now the info are hidden when stop is pressed
-refactor of some code with a smoother scroll animation

-fixed the multiplication of the extender items.

-got rid of the annoying plasma status dialog when downloading some covers
-fixed a plasma crash when closing it with more than one PlayWolf
-fixed a typo: Information instead of Informations
-fixed a plasma crash when closing PlayWolf
-better performance when moving or resizing PlayWolf

-added a spacing betwenn the meter and the buttons in planar formfactor
-fixed high cpu usage whith a big playlist
-better implementation to launch amarok
-the misc extender show the next three songs
-the wheel:
on the meter seeks in the song,
on the cover changes the volume,
on the info changes song

-added an option to change the path to the amarok executable
-added the possibility to hide the infos when in horizontal panel
-splitted the extender in two items:
-one with the infos,
-one with misc things
-fixed the bad positioning of the cover
-fixed the Soprano compilation issue

added an extender dialog in wich are shown:
-title, artist, album, time
-5 stars to read the rating
-a volume slider

-the cover can be hidden once again
-the meter and the buttons resize themselves with the applet
-added an option to change the font
-minor things

-fixed many bugs
-some little improvements in the graphic

-shows a generic cover for lastfm and one when it is not set
-workaround to make it work with different styles and not only with Oxygen

-fixed some bugs
-works again with kde 4.1

-Added support for scrolling labels besides resizing the font.
-Possibility to, if needed, resize the font till a minimum size and then scroll the labels.
-Better different formfactor support.
-Added the cover image in the vertical panel too.
-Added a label on the meter that tells the percentage.
-Now the button to open Amarok works always.

-Added a configuration dialog
-Added the image of the cover of the album
-Added a button to open amarok
-Now you can surf the song clicking on the meter or using the mouse wheel
-Little things

-Resize the font if the label is truncated
-Center the labels in the available space
-Clears the labels if amarok is stopped

0.1 - Initial version
-Basic things: control amarok and display info
-Basic support for different formfactors

Source(For qt 4.6 +)
Source(0.5 for kde 4.1.x)
Ubuntu(Binary package for (K)Ubuntu (thanks Xand3r!))
Debian(Binary package for Debian amd64 (thanks kilah!))
Source(0.7.3 for qt < 4.6)
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 by TotoKid on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%

This 0.7 is really great, thank you!

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 (K)Ubuntu Package

 by nhandler on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%

I just uploaded version 0.7 to the (K)Ubuntu repositories. Keep up the good work.

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 by groo on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%

hi giulio, since you said in the header we can ask features, here goes :D

1 - ability to change the stars from a songs directly from playwolf (like amaroker did).

2 - ability to choose between changing song position or sound volume when we scroll the mouse over the plasmoid (also ala amaroker).

3 - Finally, themed plasmoid ;)

Anyway, im already a fan of playwolf.
Keep up the good work, you are rockin' :)

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 Re: wishlist

 by giucam on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%


1) this is quite a problem because amarok doens't provide a dbus method to do that. I'm trying to workaround, though.

2)i'll see what i can do ;)

3)it could be intresting to add theme support, but what do you think a theme should customize?

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 Re: Re: wishlist

 by groo on: Feb 10 2009
Score 50%

Hi and thanks for the quick answer.

1 - I didnt knew amarok devs didnt provide a dbus call for ratings... maybe you could speak to them about that, im using amarok 2.1 svn and they are adding a lot of stuff.

2- GREAT :)

3 - By theme i mean for example the way the cover is shown (could have some other graphics changing the cover to a LP or cd with plastic cover, etc etc), also being able to change the icons would be nice. it depends on what you what thinking of doing with playwolf:)

4 - a new feaure: ability to love/hate last.fm tracks on-the-fly from playwolf (i know amarok does that for the drop down menu over the amarok systray icon) but...

5 - finally, some track info on the click over info for tracks depending on track type would be nice (maybe even connect with last.fm info?)

best regards and keep up the good work. favorite plasmoid for sure :)

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 very nice plasmoid

 by horchi on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%


very nice, working fine!!

Two little requests:

- a small space between the buttons an the progress bar woud be nice, here with the 'slim glow' theme the buttons touch the progress bar.

- i think it would be handy to skip the songs with the mouse wheel if the mouse pointer not over the progress bar. Over the bar the behavior stay like now.


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 Re: very nice plasmoid

 by giucam on: Feb 9 2009
Score 50%


you'll find the space in the next version. i didn't notice it before, but you're right.

for the mouse wheel i have to see how to combine your request with the groo's one, in order not to add 1000 checkboxes in the configuration dialog.

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 Re: Re: very nice plasmoid

 by groo on: Feb 10 2009
Score 50%

I think the best way would be:

if over scrollbar maintain the behaviour it has now.

only one more config (change song/change volume) if over buttons (or cover)


change volume over cover, change tracks over buttons and change position over scrollbar.

brest regards

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 by ivancukic on: Feb 10 2009
Score 50%
KDE developer and artist

This is an awesome widget, but there are a few issues with the implementation.

** The method of starting amarok

1.1 The user shouldn't need to know where amarok is located
1.2 The plasma is frozen when the widget is starting amarok


Instead of QProcess, you should use KService and KRun to solve both problems.

const KService::Ptr amarokService = KService::serviceByStorageId("amarok");

if (amarokService) {
new KRun(
} else {
/* show error message, or let the
user manually locate amarok */

call me Mr. Lancelot
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 Re: Cool

 by giucam on: Feb 10 2009
Score 50%

thank you for your help! This is much better!
and if you notice other issues, please tell me.

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 by dekans on: Feb 14 2009
Score 50%

I noticed 2 little imperfections :

- When I play a song which has no album cover in my library, the previous album cover is displayed.

- The extender dialog is useless when the plasmoid is displayed on the desktop.

Also, it would be nice to have the 'stop after current' option with a long click on 'stop'.

IMO, it would be better if the mouse wheel controlled the amarok volume (same behaviour than the tray icon.

A collapsible view of the playlist could be great. The only thing I miss with playwolf is a better control of the playing songs. But displaying the playlist is too much.
A collapsible or scrolling view could be awesome.

Thanks for your amazing plasmoid, it's the best plasmoid for amarok. it matches exactly what I wanted.

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 Re: suggestions

 by giucam on: Feb 15 2009
Score 50%

-that's strange. it should display the generic cover, which it does here on my pc. does it happen always or sometimes only? verify if the arturl field is really empty calling qdbus org.kde.amarok /Player GetMetadata on a terminal, please.

-well, you don't have to open it if you find it unuseful ;-) . moreover you can drag the elements of the dialog and use them as standalone plasmoids in order to have other informations always showed, and i think this could be quite useful.

for the playlist, it is quite a problem, because if you have many items in it, get all of them via dbus is quite slow and this could make plasma hang for a while. i was thinking of displaying 4-5 songs that come after the one that's playing.

for the stop after this song, it isn't possible for now. i have to face the big limits of the dbus api of amarok, and i'm quite frustrated with it right now.

Thank you for using PlayWolf, anyway!

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 Re: Re: suggestions

 by dekans on: Feb 15 2009
Score 50%

I just did it once more and I have the Rammstein - Mutter cover for a song of Superbus :p.

The arturl field is empty for this one.

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