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KDE Archiving/Backup

Score 94%



Homepage:  Link
Twitter:  Link
Screenshots:  Link
Forum:  Link
Mailinglist:  Link
Wikipedia:  Link
Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  6419
Submitted:  Dec 5 2008
Updated:  Mar 28 2014



... a powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool

Home page: http://luckybackup.sourceforge.net/


screenshots: http://luckybackup.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html
demo videos: http://luckybackup.sourceforge.net/videos.html

news - announcements

* 16 Mar 2014
Release of version 0.4.8

awards - distinctions

* 03 August 2009
3rd place at the sourceforge community choice awards as a "best new project"

* 2008 - 2010
Highest rated application at kde-apps.org (still is one of the top 5 !!)


* Backup data
* Support for multiple backup snapshots
* Synchronize folders
* Keep your data safe
* Simple / advanced option
* Exclude data from tasks
* Only include specific data
* Add/remove any rsync option
* Remote connections
* Execute other commands before or after a task
* Restore capability to any path
* Simulation mode
* Inlude only specific tasks and change the execution order
* Use of saved profiles (also import/export capability)
* Scheduling of tasks via cron
* email reports after a profile run
* logfiles
* Command line mode
* Tray notification support

for a detailed list of features please visit:


* no money
If you like this app and would like to donate something to me personally,
all you have to do is:
- Vote "good" here
- Become a fan
- Give a "thumbs up" at the sourceforge page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/luckybackup/reviews/)

This is my reward :)

* money
I personally never had and never will accept money for this project.
Nevertheless, I decided to use luckyBackup to support people that really need financial help.
So, please consider it seriously to donate money that will eventually be used for a good cause.
Donation link: http://luckybackup.sourceforge.net/donate.html


Wish you good, fast, reliable, safe and usable backups
(no matter if you use luckyBackup or not)



Version 0.4.8 :
* Added option to disable TLS for email reports
* Added some (useful) statistics at the end of a profile run
* Added destination disk free space at information window
* Minor modifications to "modify task" dialog
* View of remote places is now available through the "manage backup" dialog
* Default email options are now loaded when a new profile is created
* Split of full email command to command & arguments
* Changed the default exclude "system folders" from "/dev /proc /sys /var" to "/dev /proc /sys /run /var/run"
* Safety checks of mount-points now include deeper levels in paths than /media// and /mnt//
* Added support for vss implementation (windows)
* Added support for nt-streams (windows)
* Added support for e-mail notifications (windows)
* Added various libs used for the windows port
* Fixed issue: When one or more items were manually removed from an existing schedule list, LB would delete entries from the bottom of the list instead, when the cronIT button is pressed.
* Fixed issue: Progress bar did not update normally
* Fixed issue: Segmentation fault under certain circumstances, when --skip-critical is used as an argument and there exists one or more actual CRITICAL tasks.
* Fixed issue: Confusion at task list when an item's box state changed.
* Fixed issue (windows): Warning message regarding the changes.log files during a run

for the complete changelog, please visit:

Source(source tarball)
other(luckybackup download page)
Arch(AUR repo)
Slackware(slackbuilds.org repo)
FreeBSD(FreeBSD ports / sysutils)
Gentoo(Gentoo tree)
Mac OS X(Fink project)
MS Windows(Windows)
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 by Israphel on: Oct 6 2009
Score 50%

Does it work with a FTP server?

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 Re: ftp

 by luckyb on: Oct 6 2009
Score 50%

Hi Israphel

LB uses rsync which in turn uses the rsh/ssh protocol
This is different from ftp !!

So, it all depends on what your server supports.
I am no remote connections expert, but my assumption is that to achieve a transfer to your ftp server with LB, it has to support the rsync protocols, not only ftp.

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 smb4k headache

 by orion2000za on: Oct 8 2009
Score 50%

I want to backup parts of my Home dir to an smb4k mounted share. This means the destination ends up within my Home, at /home/name/smb4k/server/share and so on

I have tried all I can think of to exclude the /home/name/smb4k and its subdirs when backing up. No luck whatsoever.

Anyone can give me help on this?

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 Re: smb4k headache

 by luckyb on: Oct 8 2009
Score 50%

Hi orion

First of all I would suggest you to mount the samba share at "/media/smb4k" or at "/mnt/smb4k". This would make thinks much easier and its generally a good way of mounting stuff.

Nevertheless, to exclude the /home/name/smb4k/ directory with all of its contents from the transfer, go to:
task properties -> advanced -> exclude -> user defined
Type **/*smb4k*/ (you could just type /smb4k/) but that's to make sure) and press the "add" button.
That should work.

Have a look here:
It will help you understand the meaning of "/" at the beginning and at the end of the pattern.

Let's say our source is "/home/orion".

1. The pattern "/home/orion/excludeDir", actualy means the file "/home/orion/home/orion/excludeDir"

2. The pattern "/excludeDir/" means the directory /home/orion/excludeDir"

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 Re: Re: smb4k headache

 by orion2000za on: Oct 8 2009
Score 50%

Thanks, that did the trick. I did read the pattern thing but obviously did not grasp it fully....

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 Re: Re: smb4k headache

 by KDELurker on: Oct 29 2009
Score 50%

Copying this syntax:
I was FINALLY able to exclude certain directories in my home folder. I read the rules, but like the OP, wasn't able to get it correctly by myself. The exclusion I wanted seemed VERY simple.
/home/lurker/Videos and
I copied your syntax:

I'd like to see more a GUI intuitive option or selection for this area, if possible. Generally, I'm pretty good at following directions. But, until you posted the above message, I could NOT get it to work.

BTW... otherwise, I LOVE this program.
Great job guy. :-)

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 Re: Re: Re: smb4k headache

 by luckyb on: Oct 30 2009
Score 50%

What can i say, you (and many others) are right.

I will prepare a cool pattern editor to make our lives much easier

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 Move to KDE's svn?

 by mutlu on: Oct 9 2009
Score 63%
mutlu inek 1

United States of America, Athens, GA
Last visit Apr 16 2014
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First of all, thank you for this great and immensely useful application!

I wonder, though, why you don't move it into KDE's svn. I am sure you would be welcome in KDEUtils. A good backup solution is really missing in the vanilla KDE.

Anyways, thank you so much for your work!

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 Re: Move to KDE's svn?

 by luckyb on: Oct 10 2009
Score 50%

Hi mutlu,

messages like this always make my day better

I will certainly look into your interesting suggestion.
It might take some time cause I'm not familiar at all with the kde svn but I'm sure I'll figure it out ;-)

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 ftp server wit login

 by Mar91 on: Oct 22 2009
Score 50%

I have an home ftp server, which is protected with password, how is possible to tell luckybackup the server password? I found only hostname or username, no pwd.

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 Re: ftp server wit login

 by luckyb on: Oct 23 2009
Score 50%

At the moment LB, does not support ftp but just rsync. So unless your remote host has that capability you cannot do much.

Nevertheless, even for rsync, the direct use of password via the LB gui is not supported due to security issues.
The user has the options to use a password file to connect to an rsync module or a private-public key pair for ssh connections:

PS: Since a lot of users are asking questions about ftp, I have included it in my to-do list:
...we'll see ;-)

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 Tray Support

 by sidnelson13 on: Nov 4 2009
Score 63%

Hey Luckyb. How's it going? Sérgio here (pt-BR translator).

Just wondering if you have any plans to add system tray support?

Also, I don't know if this would be an easy thing to do, but maybe instead of scheduling the execution of a backup, when it's a "synchronization" task, add an option to monitor the src and dest folders while the tool is open? Something simple, like if the number of files change or total size of the folders becomes different and ask the user if he wants to execute the sync task. It could be one of the uses of the tray icon. Manual execution and monitoring of sync tasks.

Anyways, thank you for the awesome tool!

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 Re: Tray Support

 by luckyb on: Nov 4 2009
Score 50%

Hi Sergio,
I'm fine mate, thanks for asking :)

Yes, tray support is going to be introduced at the very next release (fingers crossed).
Nothing special, just a popup at the tray notification that will inform you that LB is running.
That is quite handy especially if you have some scheduled jobs.

As for the syncing tasks part of your suggestion for sure something has to be done !!
I wanted to avoid LB running in the background and consuming system resources.
But to have a real sync, monitoring the changes of folders is inevitable.
Will further investigate the issue as soon as I'm finished with a couple of other (minor) improvements

thanks you for your suggestions and of course for the nice words ;-)

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 transparent sync when plug-in

 by avlas on: Nov 10 2009
Score 50%

Surely it is not that easy to implement, but allowing automatic and user transparent sync/backup when plug-in an external hard-drive (only a specifc one configured previosly for making backups) would be so nice feature and what would create in my opinion the great difference within this kind of tools, at least in Linux.

Moreover, it would be even better if, when plug-in a hard-drive, one of the many options that kde gives would be to configure it for bakups using luckyBackup, of course, if installed ;)

Just one more thing, let me thank you for this already great application!

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 Re: transparent sync when plug-in

 by luckyb on: Nov 16 2009
Score 50%

for sure, all these are not easy to implement.

...but I'll keep a copy of your message to my "have in mind" directory ;-)

thank you avlas

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