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KDE Text Processing

Score 87%

Link:  Link
Downloads:  8353
Submitted:  Jan 5 2004
Updated:  Nov 20 2007


Kile is a user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE desktop environment.

* Compile, convert and view your document with one click.

* Templates and wizards makes starting a new document very little work.

* Easy insertion of many standard tags and symbols and the option to define (an arbitrary number of) user defined tags.

* Inverse and forward search: click in the DVI viewer and jump to the corresponding LaTeX line in the editor, or jump from the editor to the corresponding page in the viewer.

* Finding chapter or sections is very easy, Kile constructs a list of all the chapter etc. in your document. You can use the list to jump to the corresponding section.

* Flexible and smart build system to compile your LaTeX documents. QuickPreview, preview a selected part of your document.

* Easy access to various help sources. Advanced editing commands. Auto-completion of (La)TeX commands


version 2.0beta2 -> 2.0

- Added some new logic to really disable all debug output if --disable-debug
is given to configure, should make Kile faster

- New documentation kile-remote-control.txt
- Added new DVItoPDF config Modern which calls dvipdfmx instead of dvipdfm,
set Modern as default

version 2.0beta1 -> 2.0beta2

- Polishing Quickdocumentdialog
- More aggressive recompiling
- Cwl fixes
- Mathsymbol commands were biased with one, some symbol cleanups (#148855)
- Don't make system check if the user has defined a master document (#148800)
- Don't offer eqnarray in the latex menu (but we still support it for math environment completion etc.) (#101583)
- Consider also files located in $TEXINPUTS and $BIBINPUTS paths for codecompletion. (#149652)

- Call asymptote if needed on latex run

version 1.9.3 -> 2.0beta1

- More than 50 bugs have been closed
- Symlinked files and directories in combination with inverse search
- Autosave fix: If a file is two autosave cycles not writable we will skip the file until it is writeable again.
- Fix starting directory for add Files. Take the project's basedir
- Fix bug in tabular wizard, when breaking some multicolumn cells
- Remove selected text in any case if the user insert "
- Fix bug where environments were completed which should not have been completed.
- Textcolor bug in tabular wizard
- Only use special quotes if we have a tex file
- Fix bug in lyxserver when the filesystem in the users home directory does not support FIFOS
- Use the $PATH variable to search for the tools
- Remove our own "not perfectly" working spellchecker implementation, now the katepart spellchecker is always in charge
- Call "Refresh Structure" after changing the encoding
- Grep for \newenvironment and add them to the completion lists
- Smart newline now also recognizes comment lines

Bigger Features:
- Add auto completion in abbreviation mode:
a) All abbreviations can be shown in the sidebar (configurable)
b) All abbreviations from a local abbreviations list 'kile-abbrevs.cwl' are
editable. This file can be found in the local application path of Kile.
c) Editable abbreviations are marked with a star.
d) It is possible to add new abbreviations or delete existing ones.
e) A new auto mode to expand abbreviations was added (configurable
of course). If an abbreviation is followed by a space or a punctuation
symbol, it is immediately expanded without further user commands.
- Added a set of commands to work directly with sectioning on the structure view:
copy, cut, paste, select, delete, comment, quick preview
- New Symbolview which contains:
- Most frequently used symbol list
- Complete revamped symbol list with more items (nearly 1000) and more
- Show command and depending packages in the tooltip
- Send a warning in the logwidget if a package is not included
- By pressing CTRL and SHIFT while inserting an item one gets {} or $$
around the inserted command
- Added a scripting interface to Kile
- A big bunch of new cwl files, mostly from Kile users , so Kile has now more
than 80 :)
- Add support for TexLive 2005/2007
- Preview of mathgroups from Mathias Soeken (with some additions and
extensions by Holger Danielsson)

Smaller Features:
- New tool entries for:
- Asymptote
- PDFLaTeX draftmode (available in PDFTeX from TeXLive 2007)
- Bibtex 8bit Version
- Added Lilypond tool (4 variants), icon will follow
- Renamed LaTeXtoDocBook to DBLaTeX , use
program dblatex for that and also introduced 4 variants of it.
- Renamed LaTeXtoHTML to LaTeX to Web and added tex4ht variants (to XML, to HTML
and to MathML), but keeping the latex2html tool also
- Added a variant of quickbuild , do only LaTeX
- Added DVItoPDF variant, Landscape and "Black and White"
- Moved Archive tool from type none to Archive and also added much more
configs, now users can also alter them
- Changed default bibtex viewer for new Kile users to kbibtex
- added gbib, jabref, kbib to bibtexviewers
- Recursive parsing of footnote command
- New citeViewBib action, which asks the bibtex viewer (currently only
kbib) to send marked references. Thanks to Thach Nguyen for the
initial patch
- New function "Save Copy as..."
- Revamped the new-file dialog.
- Add support for templates types other than LaTeX.
- Use the extension ".kileicon" for template icon files.
- Added lyx:paste command in Kile's lyxserver
- Add Readme, Readme.cwl and Building-with-cmake.txt
- Show todo/fixme tasks in structure view
- Enhance completion configuration dialog usability and support local directories for completion files
- Merge labels and sections in document structure view as user configurable option
- First preliminary support for the beamer package
- Select a single LaTeX command with CTRL+MouseDblClick-left
- Autocomplete $ to $$
- Move cursor out of braces after selecting from a keylist
- Make include commands configurable through our nice latexcommand menu
- Assign the keyboard focus to the active text view after Kile has started up
- FindInFiles dialog can be moved into the background
- Add additional double quotes for babel supported languages (czech, icelandic)
- Highlighting of Section Titles as bold
- Add emacs-like delete-to-end-of-line command
- Removed metapost view in the sidebar, the commands can be accessed via
Kile's dictionary mode
- Sort items in references list box
- Some new toolbar icons
- Added more optional fields in the predefined bibtex entries, patch from
Martin Weis
- Added CMake build support.
- Add scripting support.
- We always remember now the current most top item of the structure view and restore it after an update.
- Add new actions gotoNextSection() and gotoPrevSection()
- Quote replacement should not happen inside verbatim/verb environment
- Add new actions gotoNextParagraph() and gotoPrevParagraph()
- Fix rebuild structureview if changing the expansion level
- Add mathgroup preview to the popup menu (right mouse button), where either a selection or a mathgroup is shown
- More tools in Kile's system check
- Add drag-and-drop functionality
- Remember MakeIndex checkbox settings in kileprojectdlg
- Add autoref command to std. ref. commands

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 Fantastic app

 by barryod on: Feb 25 2004
Score 50%

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of praise for this application. I am a PhD student and I use Kile everyday for writing my thesis, research papers, reports, etc.

Kile makes writing (La)TeX documents much easier and more efficient with its many features including the document structure tree, the icons of math symbols and its interface to the (La)TeX applications.

The current and former developers should be commended for their continued efforts.

Barry O'D, Dublin, Ireland
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 another succes story

 by svSHiFT on: Mar 23 2004
Score 50%

kile helped me to write my Diploma,
and it also helps me alot maintating sources of a book by my professor.

The concept of Master Document was esentially useful.

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 great application

 by armstrong on: Mar 23 2004
Score 50%

During my studies I have been writing my reports and my diploma thesis with the help of this Latex-"IDE"
Since finishing my diploma a year ago, I did not write anything with latex since then.. You know, when it comes to business it's all about word and excel (well, it's all about crap)...
But now I have to write a report for a governmental institution. The visual appealing of a latex document is far superior to MS Word. MS Word sucks at making a document look good...
And so I came back to good ol' latex and (of course) kile ;-)

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 404 error

 by sombragris on: Mar 23 2004
Score 50%

Hi, I am also a great Kile fan. I tried to download Kile 1.6.2 in the tar.bz2 format, but all I can get is 404 errors.

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 Re: 404 error

 by wijnhout on: Mar 23 2004
Score 50%

If you click on a mirror, you are also presented an alternative link (at the top of the page). Use this link, it always works. Somehow it takes a very long time for the servers to sync, sorry.


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 escape from doc hell

 by miba on: Apr 9 2004
Score 50%

I had to compile a longer conference proceedings from 18 (!) 3.5" disks- all in ms word, one in wordperfect.

Using a great plugin for word, I could transfer all files to latex.

From there on I used Kile to complete the job. It reminded me of quanta or the meybohm html editor and I liked it from the begining. Thxs to fink I could use it on my Mac at work and my x86 notebook.

keep the releases comming!

regards from Germany

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 Re: escape from doc

 by apt-drink on: May 13 2004
Score 50%

what plugin are you talking about????? That would make much people's life a lot better!!!!!

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 Re: Re: escape from doc

 by miba on: May 13 2004
Score 50%

Hi there,

it is shareware and costs 99 USD for the full version, but there is 30 day trial, that already does a lotta work for you.You need a winodws machine of course.It is worth the money.

Then there is Koffice that has a tex export which works okay. Still some work to do there, but it will do all the "doooh" work for you.

regards Michael

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 This app rocks!

 by krj on: Sep 14 2004
Score 50%

Thanks for Kile! Great work :)

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