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KDE Sound Application

Score 85%

Homepage:  http://amarok.kde.org/
Blog:  Link
Facebook:  Link
Forum:  Link
Twitter:  Link
Mailinglist:  Link
identi.ca:  http://identi.ca/amarok
Wikipedia:  Link
Wiki:  Link
last.fm:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  87703
Submitted:  Jan 6 2004
Updated:  Aug 1 2011


Amarok is a audio-player for Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac. Its interface uses a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make the most of your music collection. We have a fast development-cycle and
super happy users. We also provide pensions and other employment benefits.

"Easily the best media-player for Linux at the moment. Install it now!"
- Linux Format Magazine


* Quick and simple drag and drop playlist creation
* Music library
* Automatic cover art download using Amazon services
* The unique and powerful context view
* Automatic play-statistics generation
* Full lyrics download
* Full Last.fm support
* Integrated Wikipedia support
* Streaming from any KIO source
* Crossfading
* Podcast Support
* OSD for track changes
* KDE integration

Amarok is smart, it's sexy, it's clever! Try it out today!

(Source Tarball)
(Packages For Most Distributions)
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 gapless playback

 by grooveharder on: Jun 19 2006
Score 50%

gapless playback with the xine engine stutters and jumps to the next song too early, especially with ogg files - anyone have any ideas?

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 Re: gapless playback

 by logixoul on: Jul 3 2006
Score 50%

Happens here, too. Mainly with FLAC, but also with OGG Vorbis ones.

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 varius artists

 by tchak13 on: Jun 19 2006
Score 50%

In 1.4 the artists included only in "various artists" compilations wear not shown in collection as separate artists. In 1.4.1, they are shown in "various artists" AND as separate artists. I have a lot of SoundTracks so my collection is a mess now (lots of artists I don't care with only 1-2 entries). Could we have an option to revert it?

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 Re: varius artists

 by DrNop on: Jul 13 2006
Score 50%

Yes this messes up the collection view. Please make the old behaviour available again, otherwise I'm stuck with 1.4.0. Does anyone of the devs read the comments here, or should I file a bug ?

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 Compilation Problem!

 by gohanz on: Jun 21 2006
Score 50%

I have compilation Problem on my SlackWare 10.2.
This is tyhe compiler's Output.

error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>Krótki przewodnik po programie &amarok-mianownik;
quick.docbook:6: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
systenta pierwszego uruchomienia, który pokazuje siÄ, kiedy &amarok-mianownik;
quick.docbook:6: parser error : Entity 'amarok-biernik' not definedned
ewodnik po programie. Pomoże Ci on uruchomiÄ i skonfigurowaÄ &amarok-biernik;
quick.docbook:23: parser error : Entity 'amarok-dopelniacz' not defined
ie wÅasnych kolekcji jest jednÄ z najważniejszych funkcji &amarok-dopelniacz;
quick.docbook:81: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
rzane poprzez dodanie ich do przeglÄdarki listy odtwarzania. &amarok-mianownik;
quick.docbook:128: parser error : Entity 'amarok-dopelniacz' not defined
>Nagrywanie pÅyt audio CD jest Åatwe dziÄki integracji &amarok-dopelniacz; z
quick.docbook:146: parser error : chunk is not well balanced

index.docbook:178: parser error : Failure to process entity amarok-quick
index.docbook:178: parser error : Entity 'amarok-quick' not defined
index.docbook:504: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>Jak zdobyÄ program &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:507: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>&amarok-mianownik; może zostaÄ pobrany stÄd Jak skompilowaÄ &amarok-dopelniacz;
index.docbook:537: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>Ponieważ &amarok-mianownik; wykorzystuje narzÄdzia W trakcie kompilacji &amarok-dopelniacz;, tak jak ma to miejsce w przypadku inn
index.docbook:588: parser error : Entity 'amarok-dopelniacz' not defined
> jeÅi zamierzasz wspomagaÄ rozwój &amarok-dopelniacz;.
index.docbook:597: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WÅÄcza obsÅugÄ bazy danych MySql w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:606: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WyÅÄcza obsÅugÄ pobierania okÅadek z Amazon w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:615: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WyÅÄcza obsÅugÄ aRts w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:624: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WyÅÄcza obsÅugÄ GStreamer w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:633: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WÅÄcza obsÅugÄ silnika Helix w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:642: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WyÅÄcza obsÅugÄ xine w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:651: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WÅÄcza obsÅugÄ NMM w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:660: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WÅÄcza obsÅugÄ MAS w programie &amarok-mianownik;
index.docbook:669: parser error : Entity 'amarok-mianownik' not defined
>WyÅÄcza obsÅugÄ OpenGL (analizator) w programie &amarok-mianownik;
make[3]: *** [index.cache.bz2] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/tmp/amarok-1.4.1-beta1/doc/pl'
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/amarok-1.4.1-beta1/doc'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/amarok-1.4.1-beta1'

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 by BALROG on: Jul 3 2006
Score 50%

=>* Classic Amarok layout is back
bad..I will stay on amarok 1.4.1 beta 1..

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 Re: Layout

 by Dapper on: Jul 3 2006
Score 50%

It will be back, in Amarok 2.0 I think

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 Ark packages updated

 by beroarklinux on: Jul 3 2006
Score 50%

We've just updated the Ark Linux packages to 1.4.1 -- Ark Linux users just apt-get install amarok, others in need of rpms may want to try their luck with http://arklinux.osuosl.org/dockyard-devel/SRPMS/amarok-1.4.1-1ark.src.rpm

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 Kubuntu Package?!

 by talented on: Jul 4 2006
Score 50%
.:ISH:. .:W4EG:.

When will there be a kubuntu package?

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