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KDE CD/DVD Software

Score 91%



Link:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  11609
Submitted:  Feb 15 2009
Updated:  Jul 30 2013


DVD AUthoring tool
Depends :

XINE (optional)

TO LAUNCH USE : ./2ManDVD -graphicssystem raster



The biggest change in this release is how you compile / execute the program. These changes have been made to end a number of bugs attributed to improper installation files used by the application.

So after get the source and unpack ... run in console:

qmake or qmake-qt4 2ManDVD.pro 2ManDVD.pro (on fedora)

and finally:

sudo make install

And I stress the make install (as root)

Then you can start the application from your main menu (kde & gnome tested)

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 Nice to see m-DVD alive again!

 by Elv13 on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

Glad to see this application alive again!

But just to prevent it from the fate of ManDVD, ManEncode and ManSlide, I have to make few comment about this first version:
-first, please make an SVN repository for this application, just providing a source package prevent other developper to help you with this application. It is a basic rules of open source

-an other basic rules of open source is to provide is to use english in comment, I am french too and mostly understant your code (after takign few minute to look at it) and it is better than the first manDVD, but comment and foldername are in french once again, this really prevent open source community to get into the developpement of your application.

-few code details, like classes name rule (the first letter is normally in upper case and the variables name in lower case), using variables name like MyNewRaviables instead of my_new_variables is also widelly used in Qt/KDE apps, but this is less important if all variables use the same naming rules. Followinf the common programming rules help a lot to get into the developpement of an application.

-providing an english page explaining what the application do, where to download it and how to install it is also important.

-providing a copy of the GPL and including it in every header file is also important, but this is really a legal thing, you are not covered with the GPL right now. Your work in under no licence at all until you include the COPYING/LICENCE file and edit the header. Most distribution will refuse to include this application in there repository if this issue is not fixed.
EDIT: Some file have correct header apparently! But not all, and the copy of the licence is still missing.

-you use some space in your folder name, some command line user will hate you from that ;). My advice would be to use the standard naming (src/, lib/ src/inferface, pixmap/) and having only the main.cpp in the root of your source folder, the other file would be configure, COPYING, LICENCE, INSTALL, BUGS, AUTHORS and ABOUT.

-having a real bugtracker (bugzilla or launchpad) is also important

-adding a CMakeList.txt or configure file calling qmake would be good too, directly using qmake in not a common thing and many people don't even know that this exist. Having to search the web to find the dependancy of an application and how to install it is frustrating for most user.

-having a working "make install" is also important, because copying file using cp id the main factor if you want to break a linux distribution.

-code like this
if ( event->delta() > 0 )
if ( luma < 255 )
luma = luma + 5;

can be converted to :
if (( event->delta() > 0) && ( luma < 255 ))
luma += 5;

this make the code less heavy and make it easier to read

-some of the string inside of the code are in french and translated in english using tr(), you should really try to avoid using non-english stuff in your code. If the meaning of the string is wrong, it is not a big problem, someone will notice and report a bug, but devs having to use google tranlate to understand the code is much worst.


Those are just details, but complying with the standard of open source will help you a lot, save you some work and create a more solid community aroud your application. I did read manDVD(2.4) code, and this one is looking a lot better and the application seem to be as great as the previous one (I did not made a DVd yet, but I took a look at the GUI).

Hope this one will live longer that the first one! One last thing, I don't know how this happened, but some of your previous work had some overrating/downloading problem here on KDEapps, I don't know how, but if you can try to do something about it, like asking people not to vote 100000 time per day or something like that, I don't know. All your applications are great, they don't need fake vote or abusive useless download to stay in top 10. I think you should make a launchpad or sourceforce account and try to promote this application outside of kdeapps, this will surelly prevent what happened to ManSlide/Encode/DVD where when they were deleted of kdeapps, they just died.

Don't take anything I said as a rant or trolling, I really want to see this application becoming a killer apps, I just think that those issue need to be fixed before this can become a reality.

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 by 747419 on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

I agree with Elv13 - it's great to see ManDVD back, and it deserves the full support of the community. Make it a little easier for them... :)

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 Request of SVN, ...

 by csgib on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%


Sorry but you have not the same view as me ... I work for my pleasure but also to provide tools for basics users , and those users need only a working tool and no other things like SVN, etc ...

So the only thing i want is to make a good program ... better than first ManDVD (because it was one of my first program with C++... at this time i just pass from COBOL to C++ so it's a bit normal that i make mistake on my developpement).

I accept criticism but it was abit hard to have those remarks after many month of developpement ... I think if you have so perfect ideas, you should develop your own ...

To finish, maybe English is international language but I'm french and i'm not sure that there is a law that in opensource program MUST be in english ... and think of all the program that are never translated in French ... it's not acceptable... I have a basically implement of English and other language in a near futur but i'm sorry FRENCH is enough good than ENGLISH ...

Proud to be French and sorry for my poor english ...


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 Re to the previous comments

 by adrian5632 on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

Hi. No one blames on you but Elv13 is right. I mean that if you want other people to help in the development, it would be *much* easier for them if the code is in English. And an SVN repository (for example on sourceforge.net) would also be needed. From your statement I understood that you are the only developer and you *want to be*. If it is so, then ok, write your code as you want.

Writing strings in English doesn't mean you can't translate your app into French. Many developers do so (as for example me) - write the strings in English and provide a dranslation by themselves.

My English was much worse until I started writing C++ code reading the Qt4 documentation and writing strings in English. I'm a proud Polish but this doesn't bother me in using English in such areas as C++ application, so don't be angry withe me for my comment ;)

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 Re: Re to the previous comments

 by csgib on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

2Mandvd is translated in english ... For the moment it's a partial translate ... so when 2ManDVD will start it will automatically retranslate the UI in the correct language...

For the code it's more easy for me tu put my comments in french ... cause i don't speak very well english.

For coding i don't need help ... it's a pleasure for me to develop ... if one day i stop finding pleasure i will stop developping ... so i do it FOR ME ... If it can help some person around the world, it's good ... but it's not the main motivation.


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 by csgib on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

You say :

this will surelly prevent what happened to ManSlide/Encode/DVD where when they were deleted of kdeapps, they just died.

Those apps doesn't died but they are rewrite : Manslide became SMILE, ManDVD and Manencode became 2ManDVD ... I always say that thosqe apps need rewrite ... i just do it ...


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 Please do not misunderstand

 by 747419 on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

Normally open source is not only about keeping an app free, but also inviting other developers to participate, that's one of the main reasons to release a code at all.

But - if you do not wish to work together with others, that's perfectly okay of course. OS gives you that freedom as well. It's just pretty unusual. :)

Anyway: it's cool to have ManDVD back (have to test it yet, though...), and that is what counts. So thank you.

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 Re: Please do not misunderstand

 by csgib on: Feb 16 2009
Score 50%

I understand the meaning of OS ... but i must explain something...

I'm in a hard position ... don't find job and loosing in next month the small hours of work i found recently ...

I see that c++ dev is a request of employer so i wan't o increase my knowledge ... and i fix me an objectif ... recreate ManDVD and a slideshow module (smile)...

Thanks anyway ... today i doesn't wan't launch a troll or others bad things ... but this morning i was a bit frustrate of first message ;-) sorry


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