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Is war agains Iraq the answer?

Posted by  on Mar 9 2003
Yes! Iraq has not disarmed.25%25%25% 25%
Only with a new UN resolution.16%16%16% 16%
No! The weapons inspectors need more time.59%59%59% 59%
Votes: 2520
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 design for the peace

 by moty66 on: Mar 15 2003
Score 50%


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 american two cents

 by photodharma on: Mar 16 2003
Score 50%

I oppose war.
I am glad that so many around the world are taking voice.
I am glad to see a time when people world round unite in one voice for peace.
I detest the lies that my country's "leaders" perpetrate. I detest the double standards or armament. I detest the exploitation of imperialist thought and action.
I did not vote for Bush. He does not speak for me. His battle is not mine. I do not trust him.
Bush is destroying American democracy.
Bush is unpatriotic.

Mind you, I am no fan of Saddam Hussein, but two wrongs never make one right.


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 by WinterWolf on: Mar 16 2003
Score 50%

When are more choices going to be added to the poll. Also the question should be rephrased.

Is war agains Iraq the answer?

The answer to what? I don't know what the question is? How about is war against Iraq necessery? That's teh real question, which of course the answer is NO. They are not a threat, but their oil might benefit us in the long run as much as control of the middle east.

More options need to be added also.

Such as:

No, Iraq is not a threat, there are far greater problems.



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 Re: Alright

 by WinterWolf on: Mar 16 2003
Score 50%

Also, in your question you spelled against as agains. Yes, this war will have a lot of gains for the US, oil, middle east control, protection for israel, but I think you meant against.

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 This is horror...

 by rgfree on: Mar 16 2003
Score 50%

Religious fanaticism and
even more fanatic "patriotism" are the main ingredients to this horrible war.
America is a great democracy, has
done a lot of right things in the past
and therefore it's automatically
guaranteed they do everything right
now and in the future?
As someone living in Germany I hope
I'm not the only one who remembers
such bigheaded behaviour to be
fatal. Civil liberties are abolished
one by one in America right now. You
can't even read a book without big
watched by Big Brother. And foreign people
are put in jail at random. It is far more
likely for a Black to suffer death penalty.
And - ignoring all those striking problems -
Americans keep buying weapons and
do what they can best: Consume, consume
,consume. They do not want to save and
already have the largest
energy consumption of the world but not
the largest average wealth.
The rest of the world is far away so it
seems to me they are not really interested.
Or they are blinded by the biased media.
In their fear they are destructing liberties
in their own country day by day.
This is only the beginning. Does America need
to crash like Hitler after destroying the
whole world in some futile attempt to
erase the "axis of evil"? As long as American
politicans in such a situation are pondering
if they should rename "French Fries" into
"Freedom Fries" there isn't much hope.
This is all too frightening. The terrorists
now have already won with 9/11. America
has lost _any_ credibility to stand for
international rights as they - at least for
me - have done before. It's now obvious they
are just pursuing their selfish interests.

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 How could disarm USA

 by scherfa on: Mar 16 2003
Score 50%

And who would the disarm the USA ?
The USA has mass desturction weapons a
president which wasn`t voted by the us people, he has killed his own people (as gouverneur of texas). And some people say that he gives the order to destroy the towers in NY. (Some facts underpin this). And now why would they atac iraq (they bombed the iraq since 1991 without any breaks). I think the US People are cowards, so why iraq and not North Corea ?? Because North Corea has an army and iraq not .. (not really).
I have read an article were mister rumsfeld says that the USA would drop Atomic Missiles on the Iraq, wow. Nice.
Stop Bush and make peace on Earth !!!!

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 I don't know much

 by Hypermnestra on: Mar 16 2003
Score 50%

and even do not understand most of what I
hear or read these days... Maybe I am
therefore in a good position to ask
"things"-, concerning Iraq. But also things
concerning the US.

Iraq: What makes that weak nation a danger,
apart from the fact, that it is ruled by
a dictator?

USA: Why are _they_ threatening Iraq and
not one of the few more dangerous countries
on earth?

I know less about Iraq then about the US,
though: They have no more oil. They use to
pay less for oil than the stuff is worth.

They do not have any close friends in
certain parts of the world.

They do not have an economy, half as strong
as they use to make believe. The USA have
problems that need to be solved before
long. Half the people earning twice as much
as is considered an indicator for poverty
in the San Francisco area have problems to
break even at the end of the month.

If they don't solve their problems in time,
we may all face a lot more of trouble.

I pity the USA.., but I will start doing it
publicely after you voted to be told.

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