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- Poll . 

How do you like Plasma 5?

Posted by Yaba on Sep 3 2014
The best KDE Desktop ever.42%42%42% 42%
Definitely a nice improvement.22%22%22% 22%
Not decided yet. Haven't tried it yet.11%11%11% 11%
I do not like some of the changes.9%9%9% 9%
KDE is taking the wrong way.6%6%6% 6%
I am still sticking with KDE 3.5.4%4%4% 4%
I have no opinion, but wanted to vote anyway.7%7%7% 7%
Votes: 8401

 I don not like some of the changes

 by janet on: May 21 2015
Score 64%

The worst decision was to remove the different wallpapers (and widgets) per desktop!! And to remove the screensavers! That's not what I want. I can workaround the screensavers with xscreensavers - but I want to have my different wallpapers - without being forced to use those activities which don't offer the same convenience for me as the desktops!

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 Re: I don not like some of the changes

 by janet on: May 15 2016
Score 50%

Now - about one year later - I am using Plasma 5.5 on my main system. It's ok - but still far away from KDE 4 - for me it is still in its puberty, maybe at the state of KDE 4.2 (concerning the desktops), and 4.3 (that was the point where I switched and thought at least now one can work with the system). There are so many things still missing and not working as they did in KDE4.

Dolphin still doesn't show all required information when copying files. The systray has a kind of life on its own presenting me icons I don't want and not the icons I want to see. It was a pain in Plasma 5.4 but with the current 5.5 it happens less often, now most of the time when I log in it looks like I want it to look. And I can now have "drawers" in the panel - finally again - (quicklaunch widget with popup) but they are kind of wide - and buggy and show too big icons which overlap. When I play a game which changes the desktop resolution my widget layout gets scrambled. I cannot see the date in a format I like (but an appropriate replacement for the clock is available, so it IS possible). Kjots is still missing, I cannot read any of my notes. There is a lot more that was working/working better in KDE 4.

And Plasma 5 alas gives the user a lot less control over the look & feel, e.g. some icon sizes are chosen *by the system* depending on the desktop resolution - pure horror for me - I am the user, I (want to) have control (I now that's so Tron - but nonetheless ;) ).

But i can't help, I am missing my different desktops a LOT! I can live with one wallpaper for all desktops but it still is a pain for me to have the same widgets and launchers on all desktops. For me it feels crippled like Windows with its one desktop.

This is no rant - beware - nonetheless I am quite content with the desktop. I see that it is evolving - and I acknowledge the work of the devs.

Nonetheless the devs do a good job, I guess it is quite difficult to adjust to a new Qt version and there ARE things that have become better, i.e. the handling of the activities /which I still don't want to use/ and the dragging of the widgets (not so relevant for me anymore as I have to abstain from most of them now - no space anymore on that "one" desktop. And some of the features I hate (or at least are not that happy with) others will love.

Now I am desperately waiting for my distribution to give me 5.6 where some of the missing features/bugs are added/fixed. And maybe with 5.8 Plasma 5 will become mature. Maybe with 5.12 it will be perfect - and then the devs will be turning everything upside down again I guess... that obviously is the circle of KDE-life....

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 I am not eagle-eyed... the icon problem...

 by janet on: May 21 2015
Score 70%

I do like the new widget chooser and the activity sidebar. And I am very glad that the new kicker menu now is able to use submenus! But it's icons are much too small, the size should be configurable!

The Breeze icons look nice, but a lot of the actions/toolbar icons are way too thin to be good recognizable! E.g. I hardly can see in the widget chooser which widgets are in use, same problem with the add/remove to/from selection on the icons in dolphin.

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 Re: I am not eagle-eyed... the icon problem...

 by lesliet on: Jul 16 2015
Score 50%

I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. When KDE developers dropped the Hicolor-Classic icon set in favour of MS look-alike pastel icons, it was a major step backward, especially for those of us with failing eyesight, who have difficulty with the low-contrast of the "improved" icons.
My feeling is that the KDE desktop developers do not take into account that some of their users are not interested in "eye-candy" as much as usability; this shows also in the move from the quite straightforward Personal Settings and Panel Settings tools of KDE3 to the clumsy and cluttered Configure Desktop and Panel Settings tools of KDE4.

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 Missing option in the poll.

 by Aqa-Ib on: Jan 27 2016
Score 75%

It doesn't have many nice features that I have in Plasma 4.

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 A downward spiral of dumbing down & running after

 by Evi1M4chine on: Feb 2 2016
Score 58%

KDE’s user interface quality has gone downwards ever since KDE 4.

It’s like we’re in an Idiocracy, where Microsoft came up with the dumbest design they could make up… which is kinda their specialty … and everyone else followed! Apple, Google, Mozilla, many many websites, and even KDE.

And everyone seems obsessed with the simpleton Sparta approach to computing: “Give them nothing, but take from them EVERYTHING”.
All the power is taken away with the excuse of being “too complicated”. Soon all UIs will probably feature a single large round white button where the retard that bought it can drool on for it to fulfill the thing he is told to want.

But let’s face it: “Desktop environments” has always been a stupid idea, and always will be. A computer is not an office desk. Chunks of data are not files in cabinets. AND doing that extreme opposite that everyone is trying to do now, is still just as idiotic. Especially when it conflicts with the very definition of what one is making.

Yes, I’m developing my own graphical shell. No, it’s only for me, as any human /will/ ruin it.

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 Re: A downward spiral of dumbing down & running af

 by vaxxipooh on: May 6 2016
Score 50%
:: novo vaxxius seclorum ::

I agree . .

I am Vaxxipooh and I am totally committed to the festive mode.

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How do you like Plasma 5?
 The best KDE Desktop ever.
 Definitely a nice improvement.
 Not decided yet. Haven't tried it yet.
 I do not like some of the changes.
 KDE is taking the wrong way.
 I am still sticking with KDE 3.5.
 I have no opinion, but wanted to vote anyway.

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