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Speed of KDE 3.1 (be fair, read the comment first)

Posted by Yaba on Sep 16 2003
Faster than my Ferrari3%3%3% 3%
Clearly beats Windows XP on the same machine21%21%21% 21%
It's just fast enough17%17%17% 17%
It's OK, but could be faster44%44%44% 44%
Slow11%11%11% 11%
Slooooow. I can't work with it2%2%2% 2%
Possibly my 486 is too old for it3%3%3% 3%
Votes: 929
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 it's okay

 by scream on: Sep 20 2003
Score 50%

The only thing that really takes to much time is the start. Win XP needs three seconds, KDE3.1 needs 12. That's a little bit too long, isn't it?
But everything else is ok. So there's no real need to improve speed anywhere but at starting KDE.

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 Re: it's okay

 by redmac5 on: Sep 20 2003
Score 50%

Well, XP might show you the desktop after 3 seconds, but you can't really work until it has finished loading for another half minute or so.

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 Re: Re: it's okay

 by memodude on: Sep 21 2003
Score 50%

But KDE does too if you have a few startup programs.

If you have no startup programs on Windows XP, its usable once the desktop pops up. Both slow down startup when you add startup apps, depending on how long each takes.


Stop bashing Microsoft with unjustified points people. Microsoft might be a monopoly, blah blah blah, their OS may be riddled with security holes, but it IS very fast and usable. Windows is the most usable OS I know of.

And don't tell me Linux doesn't have vulnerabilities. There was an OpenSSH one just recently waiting to be exploited.

Many of these virii spread so easily because most newbies use Windows, and spread it because they can't (taking the Swen worm as an example) differentiate an e-mail with bad grammar claiming they need to install a patch with an attachment from an e-mail asking them to go to Windows Update to download the patch.

If the newbies were on Linux, thats where the virii would go.

If Linux was the most used OS, even more vulnerabilities would be found in it and applications included with distributions.

Windows XP is the best OS for me. I am not a newbie in any way, I am a software developer, but I like it. In addition, writing software on Windows targets the majority of users, and Visual Studio.NET 2003 is inarguably the best IDE around, considering all platforms.

I know many people like KDE and Linux. I do too. I just think Linux needs more users (so there are more apps, more users to use those apps, more choices, etc.), and MUCH better performance. But for now, I'm sticking with Windows.

- memoDude
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 Re: Re: Re: it's okay

 by liquidrock222 on: Sep 21 2003
Score 50%

The OpenSSH vulnerability was not in Linux itself, but in an application FOR linux. This application had the same vulnerability on all OS's using that version of OpenSSH, so alot of Windows computer were open to attack as well.

All/Most of Windows' vulnerabilties are built into the system, so the offending piece of software cannot be removed.

Yes, Windows is faster than linux on older computers, but on the computers most of today's consumers are buying you can't tell any real difference in speed.

Viruses do not appear in Windows more because of newbies, they appear there because of the vulnerabilities in Windows, and because more people use Windows than MacOS and Linux combined.

IDEs have no place in an argument over which OS is better, plus I'm sure most real developers will tell you there's nothing better than a text editor and a C compiler.

More people? Sure I agree with you there, but the fact that you won't switch to Linux shows that you aren't willing to help us along.

Lastly, nobody here is bashing Windows. We were simply comparing the startup speeds of Windows and KDE. If that bothers you, leave.


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 Re: Re: Re: it's oka

 by Yaba on: Sep 21 2003
Score 50%

I have to agree with redmac.

Most of the services, that are loaded after login in Windows are already completed, when you login in KDE. E.g. Windows mounts file systems after logging in, which takes quite some time.

I agree however that you can Windows make logging in faster, but who runs Windows without a Virus Scanner? Without Network Drives? Without other services that are loaded in Linux before logging in?

However we are talking about the logging procedure of KDE. Startup of Windows overal is faster, yes. But hey, In Linux I boot my computer once a day. No need to reboot to install a security patch. So what matters more is how KDE performs after the desktop is loaded. And my experience is that programs like the explorer or outlook often blocks the whole desktop from responding (e.g. the Start menu does not popup for a while).

Oh and btw: Shutting down a Linux system with KDE is much faster than shutting down Windows.

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 Slower than XP?

 by scream on: Sep 22 2003
Score 50%

Okay, I think the discussion about starting leads into nowhere.
But what about konqueror? Yes, it could be faster. But there's one thing you forgot: On my computer konqueror needs 1/8 sec. to move a file or even less! XP needs so less time that I don't even realise it. BUT: In XP I see no file previews. Just disable previewing files and konqueror will be even faster than the windows explorer!

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 by WildBill on: Sep 22 2003
Score 50%

KDE's always been fast enough for me once it loads up. The only thing I can think of that could use a speed boost (if possible) is the startup. For me, it's not that big of a deal, as once I'm logged in, I stay logged in all day. However, in an environment where a family shares a single computer (which is one of the things MS boasts about supporting well in XP), it could get annoying to have to wait so long for the startup to be completed.

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