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Is KDE ready for the main stream?

Posted by Yaba on Nov 17 2003
Of course, my mum can use it.33%33%33% 33%
It's OK for most users.37%37%37% 37%
Depends on a good admin, or friend.16%16%16% 16%
A lot of work is necessary to configure it for novice users.6%6%6% 6%
Only suitable for the advanced user.2%2%2% 2%
There's still a long way to go.3%3%3% 3%
I have no opinion but like to complain about the poll ;-)3%3%3% 3%
Votes: 703

 KDE for Mom

 by SeanParsons on: Nov 17 2003
Score 50%

My Mom does use KDE (well a modified version). I recently set her up with her first computer and installed Lindows on it for her.

I think a standard KDE would work just as well for her, I really think the biggest stumbling block for most novice computer users in coming to Linux is package management. While Click N' Run might not be what I would want to use, It is definitely easy to use.

While someone will probably say that most distros come with enough applications that a novice user won't need any additional software the poblem becomes that there are usually three word processors, four browsers, and a dozen email programs. Novice users need to start with reasonable defaults and then get to expirement with alternatives, once they're comfortable.

Just My $0.02

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 Re: KDE for Mom

 by leinir on: Nov 17 2003
Score 50%
KDE/Amarok, KDE/Gluon

On the subject of too much choice for novice users, the task based menu which is being developed could solve that problem (freedesktop.org's .desktop specifications, if I remember right, have a finger in it). Another posibility is to do as I have done myself: It is not a task based menu, but it's a menu which is arranged so there is only one program per function in every submenu, and alternatives have been moved to a submenu called More Programs. Of course, the problem with this solution is that it would be different from desktop env. to desktop env. GNOME users would not want the same programs as default choice as a KDE user for example. However, it is a posibility, and one which I am myself happy with.

..Dan // Leinir

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 small business

 by armstrong on: Nov 18 2003
Score 50%

We are running kde 3.1 on 10 desktops at our small business over here. Nobody ever needs to install software or fiddle with drivers.

We're using konqui for browsing, kmail, OO.org, KOrganizer, German Telekom native Linux software (using gtk libs) and an ERP system plus a CAD software through vmware.

If there just would be a decent ERP-software using the KDE libs... that would be nice...
KDE is already mature enough to be a rock-solid solution for our business.

I am looking forward to Kontact / Kolab...

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 The problem...

 by DrFalken on: Nov 20 2003
Score 50%

...isn't KDE, for most novice users i know, they like kde, some love 'em...

The problem is the way as a *nix box must be managed, too different as a windows box. Drivers problems is the most: The need to compile or recompile the kernel for an specific driver is a hard task for a novice with no knowledge of *nix sysadmin. In windows, they buy their new hardware, and comes with a diskette/cdrom with the drivers he must install with a series of "ok" clics in a wizard.

Other problem, is the windows dependency of some specific programs that they're ONLY in windows, and try to run 'em with wine is a nightmare for them, inclusive for us in some cases.

By the other hand, novice users love the ease to use rpm or apt with a frontend, such as kpackage. No wizards, only select the programs they want to install/uninstall, click "ok" and that's it!!! A lot of people wants an rpm or apt like package management in windows.

Viruses are another pro in the *nix arena, all we know the linux inmunity to ActiveX viruses/worms.

In concrete, some things that a windows user miss when they switch to a linux box:

Winamp3: They miss that program, 'cause of the skins. Winamp2 is no problem 'cause the existence of xmms, and noatun winamp's implementation is too far of the level of xmms. Noatun can take advantage implementing winamp3 skin support, and equalization in a winamp/xmms way. Ohter fancy thing, is the AVS plugin.

Kazaa: Now, with apollon, some of the job has done, but it's a bit tricky for a novice to make it work connecting to Kazaa P2P network.

KMail: There's no way to write HTML mails. They want to personalize their mails, using templates or fancy TrueType fonts.

Kmess/Kopete: There's no way to watch personalized emoticons and the avatars.

Things that users miss of a kde box when they come back to windows:

Konqueror: The smart pop-up window killer.

Koffice/OpenOffice: the ease to create a PDF.

Klipper: The ability to have many things in the clipboard.

The Copy/Paste way: It's too much easy to only drag the things you want to copy, and paste it only pressing the middle button/wheel.

Games: As an example, the complete options to switch game styles in the solitaire. They love the kde solitaire.

K3b: The funcionality of nero with the ease of use of Easy CD Creator.

KDE Eye Candy: Styles like ThinKeramik, plastik, window decorations like Knifty, and icon styles such as crystal or noia (and the consistency of them), are too much missed in a windows box, where icons (as an example), are inconsistent, and doesn't change the complite look and feel of the desktop.

My two cents.

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 The best KDE Desktop ever.
 Definitely a nice improvement.
 Not decided yet. Haven't tried it yet.
 I do not like some of the changes.
 KDE is taking the wrong way.
 I am still sticking with KDE 3.5.
 I have no opinion, but wanted to vote anyway.

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