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KDE can be improved most by:

Posted by Yaba on Feb 29 2004
More focus on usability and consistency (e.g. a common HIG)43%43%43% 43%
More features4%4%4% 4%
More promotion3%3%3% 3%
Better integration with the underlying OS19%19%19% 19%
More eye candy7%7%7% 7%
More standard applications7%7%7% 7%
Less standard applications and more focus on the desktop and essential tools12%12%12% 12%
Can something be better than best?5%5%5% 5%
Votes: 1300
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 I need more votes...

 by mabs on: Mar 1 2004
Score 50%

I voted "Better integration with the underlying OS" but I'd liked to have also voted for "More features" and "More focus on usability and consistency (e.g. a common HIG)"

One thing I'm missing is for KPackage too support gentoo's emerge. I'd also like the KUser, KPackage and other OS intergration software to be... well intergrated into KControl, insteed of KMenu -> System (They should of course still be able to run outside of KControl

A feature I'd love to have is a drag'n'drop improvement. I want to be able to drag'n'drop an icon/file to a running process in/on the taskbar so I don't have to have the window on top.

A better A/V-player would also be welcome, by better I mean:

1. Custom aspect-ratio control (not just 4:3, 16:9 or original)

2. Playlist and optional media databasen

3. A better interface (Don't like Xine-ui, gmplayer, gxine, kmplayer etc.)

4. Support for all or almost all formats (know this might course trouble in some countries)

5. A timer, so I can use it as a clock radio.

6. And still be a relative lightweight app.

(I'm comsidering to start this as a project myself :-)

And one small detail about consistence between apps. it doesn't seem what GTK-apps are respekting the colours for QT-apps even though they are using the "same" style, in my case Keramik and Geramik

I know this is alot, and please don't take this the wrong way. I run KDE every day, and each day I'm loving it even more. I find KDE3.2 to be beautiful, smooth and extremely productive

yours M_abs

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 Re: I need more vote

 by Paradoxdruid on: Mar 2 2004
Score 50%

Not to nit-pick, but the GUI of KMplayer incorporates rather well with Konqueror and other KDE components.. if you want better consistency, it's a good place to start. (I use and like KMplayer). Though I agree about a few more features being welcome additions. What files can't you play? I installed the Marillat deb of codecs, and I can play just about anything.

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 Re: Re: I need more

 by mabs on: Mar 5 2004
Score 50%

I don't like the gui for KMPlayer, the buttoms are too small and seem misplaced. It has no custom acpect-ratio control, and I can only make it work with Xine. And I think opening files from within the program it self is a pain.
Formats I can't play are files in matroska, it has been masked in gentoo, I know it isn't mplayers fault but it is still a problem. Crap files from realplayer with variable-bitrate (rmvb), is playable but isn't seekable :-( is mplayer, xine won't even play 'em and real-one is not very good.
As it is now I'm just using the standard gui for mplayer (gmplayer), but it is using two windows, a video-window og a control-window, but I prefere it in a single frame.

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 Re: I need more votes...

 by PovMan on: Mar 3 2004
Score 50%

Have you used kaffeine frontend for xine
It can run embedded in konqueror

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 by hbbio on: Mar 1 2004
Score 50%

I definitely vote for this... A good start would be to rethink konqueror's configuration dialogs. Completely !
As it happened to the kde clock (when under fire), I think that having such a good foundation plus doing nice work on usability will lead to the best desktop ever. Among this I would also include performance, or at least the sensation of it. I hate the flicker that happens when opening new tabs in konqueror, especially the first (second) one for instance.

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 Mulitimedia and KDE

 by princessangry on: Mar 2 2004
Score 50%

more consistancy and more apps included. also better multimedia features. increased stability. I do get singnal 11 for amarok and audacity. but Kaffene (Xine) is great... it just wont let me play from a playlist directly. I have to add songs each time... also the audio cuts out alot to where I cant hear anything (restarting the ARTS and ALSA servers does not difference) does anyone else have problems with Kaffene doing this??? Thanks. KDE is the best env so far.

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 About the player

 by ra1n on: Mar 2 2004
Score 50%

I agree with the first post, KDE doesn't have a good mplayer frontend...or better, doesn't have a good mplayer frontend with a decent GUI (Kmplayer is good :-) I think that it wouldn't be difficult to make one since IMHO there is a fantastic (in this case Xine) frontend... Totem for Gnome, it has a very basic set of functions, it's fast, and has a fantastic fullscreen gui(on e thing that kmplayer lacks)

Also I've got another idea, using the same gui for audio and video, implemented using kparts, one for audio(using one of the many audio libraries) and one for video(using mplayer) embedded into the main windows (the one with the controls) and eliminate also kaboodle and noatun from KDE

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 Eye candy

 by PovMan on: Mar 3 2004
Score 50%

I voted eye candy, because that's really what initially attracts users. I saw mac os x for the first time the other day and it made me want a mac, just because there are so many special fx and they are perfectly integrated with the rest of the desktop.
If kde were like this, it would attract users. the initial attraction might lead to exploration, and then they'd like kde for more reasons.

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 Re: Eye candy

 by Fri13 on: Mar 3 2004
Score 50%

I voted "more stanrad applications" but i like to see more eye candy too.

I have notices too that new user like to get nice look first. Even desktop what gives bad feelings turns fine when the look is good (no, this is NOT hint for that KDE sucks i still think its better than windows!).

Like when you now take themes away from windows XP, ppl dont like to use it, when you turn them back, its "better". Samething with KDE. When you use very rough themes, ppl dont like that and....

One thing what i like to see in KDE is how windows open and how to get closed. Like spiral animation or similar.

I did like to use Windows, then i found better...
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 Concentrate ..

 by skrrytch on: Mar 3 2004
Score 50%

Please concentrate on KDE as a graphical user interface with a good usability. The collection of applications is a goodie that should be separated from the desktop stuff.

e.g.(!) split the development cycles of basic desktop topics from additional applications.

What really sucks is the integration of file associations into the konqueror (kparts and similar things). I had to reconfigure most of the file types to be displayed externally. Displaying videos, images, office files and so on in a konqueror view is less comfortable IMHO.

Another thing that is really disturbing is the amount of available applications. I know which sound player, video player, editor I want to use and don't want to see all those other alternatives all the time when I use the KDE menu. Maybe KDE should make it selectable what applications will be installed or separate the collection of available apps from the collection of prefered apps in the menu (two kind of menues!!!???)

Another thing that comes into my mind:
It's nice that everything can be configured for your own needs but I don't like to change hundreds (!) of settings to make the desktop suitable for me. We need a pack of wizards to change ...

(a) file type assiciations and actions
(b) eye and ear candy stuff (animations, sounds)
(c) application preferences
with only a few steps!

Do revolutional not evolutional things in KDE 4.0!!!

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