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Your opinion about software patents?

Posted by Yaba on Apr 11 2004
No!48%48%48% 48%
Only useful for big companies to become more powerful23%23%23% 23%
Only good for lawyers10%10%10% 10%
Dangerous for Open Source projects13%13%13% 13%
No opinion1%1%1% 1%
Helps small companies to protect their intellectual property3%3%3% 3%
Software Patents are useful2%2%2% 2%
Votes: 3378
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 Re: Re: Software Pat

 by QuickSHADOWMAN on: Apr 19 2004
Score 50%
R. C. Quick & Associates

/Perhaps software patents could be a good thing if they were valid for 6 months? no more than a year I think. It could well be easier to achive this than stop patents altogether, or if not, is still available to lobby for if patents become enforced./

Nice pipe dream there. I only say that, for M$ would never allow it to happen. If you have more money than they do, then maybe you may talk about lobbying for it, for until you do, they will always out lobby you.

In a perfect world, it would be nice, but we do not live in a perfect world. As far as I am concerned, software should not be patented. Since it is not a physical hard object, but rather is something that is written, it should fall under the copyright laws instead. Since there is an expiration date to copyrights, M$ decided upon patents instead. After 75 years, copyrights expire. Well, it used to be that way the last time I checked, which was some time ago.

Rich Aka: QuickSHADOWMAN, the GAW(graphics art wizard)
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 Re: Re: Re: Software

 by rohan on: Apr 23 2004
Score 50%

All very well to say MS won't allow it, then why bother to fight software patents at all? You think MS will say no to a 6 month patents, but let no patents at all happen? I wasn't thinking of asking Bill's permission anyway. I don't see how it is easier to ban patents than it is to shorten them. It may however be easier to convince people (polititians) of it, as it would simply be bringing the length of patents into line with the speed of development. I note that at the top of the page where I am typing there are two advertisements 'Obtain US Patent Services' and 'Haseltine Lake - Patent & IP Attorneys for Nanotechnology'. If we want to ban patents then I think we need to not advertise patent services for a start. A push for much reduced patent length would probably raise less opposition from the legal profession as they would still have clients applying for patents etc.

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 Gen Patents

 by rbruch on: Apr 21 2004
Score 50%

Perhaps it's an offtopic, but I think this is not so stupid as the Genoma patents is. If someone wrote a good piece of code it has the right to patent and own it. But who has the right to own a thing that nobody has created? Who can patent a tree? or a cat?

I say no to software patents unless reverse enginnering is used. But I think it's worst to patent a piece of code that everybody has and nobody is able to create .

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 by jlwoodhouse on: Apr 24 2004
Score 50%

Please excuse my spelling.
I have been writing software for a long time and came to the conclusion a long time ago that in real terms almost nothing is really new. Everything that I am aware of is in most cases nothing more than a blatent restatement of old ideas. I would go as far as to say that the challenge for most companies that are active in this area is just how to state there ideas in a fashion that makes them patentable or how to accomplish their aims in a manner that may be patentable. As I have also been very active in patents in the physical product area I can also state that little regard seems to be placed on prior art these days. While I can see that there are clear commerecial advatages to things drifting in that direction it definately does favour major players which is one of the things that can and has resulted in virtual monopoly situations. As far as I am aware all countries world wide recognise in law that this is not a good idea.
I work in the automotive area. Here copy right laws have been used to prevent pure software theft. That does make a lot more sense. The problem in respect to PC's is that allmost all software will have to bend to Microsoft in some respect. As an example of this the Linux browser I am using to write this must by necessity follow any lead Microsoft may set. They will also to a lesser extent have to follow any lead this one manages to add. Lets hope that no one comes up with a patent that interferes with this.
There are other issues in this area. As an example this machine has a variaty of codecs on it which I have paid for or obtained legally but I can't use them under Linux. I'm glad to say that I can open "MY" Ms Word documents with Open Office. Just as I could open an Amipro etc document with Word but it gets worse. I may want to upgrade. I will have to re install Linux if I install XP. This is my machine - I paid for it. I should be able to do just what ever I like with it so why should I have to put up with this? If I install XP as suplied my machine is quite likely to be seriously infected befor I can even get to the Microsoft update site. It often takes less than 12secs. Just why is a company allowed to sell a product like this. The answear is simple - they have a virtual monoply. This is right on the verge of legality. Sofware patents in Europe can only make this situation worse. I could say a lot more in this general area but I'm climbing on to my soap box so I must close. The whole area anoys me.

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 Re: Software

 by PovMan on: Apr 24 2004
Score 50%

Well said... i agree entirely.

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